This is how a vehicle is washed thoroughly and gently

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Car wash facility Waschstrasse Autowaesche 2 This is how a vehicle is washed thoroughly and gently

Drivers like to discuss the question who. to wash a car properly. Is cleaning in the Wash box, For Handwash or in the carwash better? Here are a few tips from us on how a vehicle can be washed thoroughly and gently. How often a car has to be washed is a question of faith and also depends on the area of ​​use. Some vehicles maybe should every week washed and others only every few months. Regular vehicle care is important in any case, otherwise poorly protected vehicle parts, small flakes and scratches could quickly corrode. Flakes or scratches in the paintwork are very susceptible to rust. At the same time, car washing also plays a role in the safety of the vehicle. The view is often severely restricted by dirty windows and headlights. Even the cameras and sensors do not work reliably with a layer of dirt on top. How often a vehicle has to be washed depends, among other things, on the degree of soiling and the weather. However, when a vehicle is washed every one to two months, everything is usually done right.

What should you watch out for when washing your car?

This is how gently a vehicle can be washed in the car wash or car wash: There are many prejudices about washing a vehicle in the car wash. It could be loud Stammtisch For example, the brushes scratch the paintwork. However, this cannot really happen with modern car washes. The paint on modern vehicles is much more resistant than it used to be. In a car wash, the brushes cannot harm the paint. Lots of brushes are going out polyethylene manufactured. This is a plastic that feels similar to a textile fiber. For this reason the brushes are also called Textile brushes designated. If in addition the right detergents are used, nothing can happen to the paint.

Car wash facility Waschstrasse Autowaesche This is how a vehicle is washed thoroughly and gently

However, it can happen that the brushes leave traces of the plastic on the paintwork. They look like scratches, but they are only superficial. In rare cases it happens that the dirt of the previous one settles in the brush. So-called swirls would be the result. These are round fine scratches, but only superficial are and polished out can be. Before a vehicle goes through the car wash, a thorough pre-wash should always be carried out. This allows the coarse dirt to be removed in order to avoid scratches from dirt particles.

Tips for washing cars in the car wash or car wash

Car wash facility Waschstrasse Autowaesche 2 This is how a vehicle is washed thoroughly and gently

Choose the right washing program: First and foremost, the choice of washing program depends on the weather conditions and your budget. In winter there should be a program from time to time active foam, Underbody washing and Hot wax to get voted. The prices for a normal car wash start from € 5. The costs for a noble wash are around 15 Euros. The vehicle must be brought into the correct position for this. The sunroof and the windows must closed will. The windshield wipers and the rain sensor are with the engine running the auszuschalt. In addition, the vehicle must locked otherwise the tank cap could pop open. To be on the safe side, the Exterior mirrors can be folded in and if possible remove the antenna. The exact rules of the car wash can be seen on site on a board next to the entrance gate.

Follow-up to a car wash: To avoid unsightly water stains, the vehicle should be wiped dry with a microfiber cloth. All hard-to-reach places such as the door catches must cleaned by hand. Rub flaps and door seals dry first and then with a balm treat. The wiper blades and all windows can be combined with one Glass cleaner to be cleaned. Any unsightly paint spots can perhaps be touched up directly with a touch-up pen.

Tip: Check window cleaner and top up if necessary.

Motor oil instead of windshield washer fluid e1617818966608 This is how a vehicle is washed thoroughly and gently

Portal system or car wash?

  • It does not matter whether a portal system or a car wash is used. Both systems work with the same chemical cleaning agents, so that the result is usually identical. Only brush materials that are gentle on paint are used. The car wash is a bit more expensive with a manual pre-wash. Customers have to use the high-pressure cleaner for a portal system operate yourself.

Legal situation in the car wash:

  • Torn off wipers and scratches can sometimes occur in the car wash. In principle, however, the customer must prove to the operator that the damage was caused by the washing system. This means that after leaving the vehicle, you can look for damage straight away check should. These must be with the staff reported and recorded in writing will. The instructions for using the car wash and the general terms and conditions should be read before use. It may be possible that certain externally attached parts are excluded from liability by the operator locked out are.

Car wash facility car wash car wash Defective This is how a vehicle is washed thoroughly and gently

Inexpensive self-service washes

Are a good alternative to the car wash Wash bays or wash boxes. Here the vehicles can be washed according to your own wishes. Hand washing is definitely recommended for older vehicles because the paintwork not so resilient is compared to modern vehicles. For the use of a self-service wash, however, are often special coins required by the operator. In many systems, however, it also works simply Change. The desired washing program can then be selected in the self-service box. There are also various cleaning utensils and agents to choose from.

Self-service wash box car wash parks information cleaner usage e1617082496959 This is how a vehicle is washed thoroughly and gently

Many operators also allow you to bring your own cleaning agents, brushes and rags. Before each use should be checked whether the brushes and rags clean are. Dirt or dust create unsightly things scratch on the paint. There is a thorough wash in the self-service wash box prewash important with a pressure washer. Sufficient distance should be maintained here. Between the surface and the water jet there should be approx 30-50 centimeters Distance.

How should you proceed with a car wash in the wash box?

  • First of all, the coarse dirt must be removed with a thorough pre-wash. High-pressure cleaners are the best choice for this, as they can also reach hidden corners. After that, the body is finished with a car shampoo lathered and washed with a brush. The residues of the cleaner must then be rinsed off with plenty of water. After that the vehicle will dried and padded. Thus, water stains can be avoided. The car should last dried by hand will. Stubborn dirt can be removed with special cleaners. All inaccessible areas can be cleaned and dried as well.

Wash vehicles on the street or at home

For washing vehicles on public ground there is no nationwide regulation. But washing is allowed Groundwater will not be polluted such as lubricant or fuel residues and chemicals. The car wash is on unpaved ground verboten, because the wastewater does not flow into the sewer system, but rather seeps away directly. Without Permit and oil separator It is not allowed to wash the car on private property either. The exact regulations will be decided by the municipalities. It is therefore advisable to find out about local regulations from the municipality in advance. Violation can result in fines of up to several thousand euros.

Car washing at home Car care strafe This is how a vehicle is washed thoroughly and gently

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