What is CoC paper for vehicles?

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CoC papers EC certificate of conformity What is CoC papers for vehicles?

The abbreviation "CoC", known throughout Europe, stands for "Certificate of Conformity“And comes from the English usage. More precisely, it is actually nothing more than an EEC declaration of conformity that has existed since 2005, which replaces the classic vehicle registration document or vehicle registration document. Due to the CoC papers, there are now EU-wide uniform guidelines regarding vehicle documents. With the introduction of the CoC papers, the EU met numerous demands, especially from the car industry and car dealers, who advocated standardization of vehicle papers within the internal market that has existed since 1993 in order to facilitate trade in vehicles. Since 2005, the papers have been used in two cases, namely on the one hand when importing vehicles from abroad to Germany and on the other hand when selling motor vehicles from Germany to other countries. The purchase and sale of vehicles is made considerably easier thanks to the CoC papers and the EU-wide guidelines created as a result.

CoC papers for detailed information

CoC papers EC certificate of conformity 3 What is CoC papers for vehicles?

The CoC papers provide both the vehicle owner and the potential vehicle buyer with detailed information on all technically relevant data of the vehicle. At the same time, the CoC papers also contain additional information regarding the applicable guidelines and regulations and are crucial for the vehicle's registration in the EU. In addition, the CoC papers should also contain a pollutant classification, which appears in the form of a two-digit key number and serves as the basis for calculating the vehicle tax.

Every new car has had CoC papers since 2015

Cadillac ATS L ZZP Performance Tuning 10 What is CoC papers for vehicles?

Since 2015, the CoC papers must be automatically included with every new car due to an EU order. In principle, the papers can also be applied for retrospectively, but in this case the vehicle manufacturer has to pay a slightly higher fee. Alternatively, a full TÜV certificate can be commissioned, which in some cases can even be significantly cheaper.

Why CoC papers for approval?

Since a vehicle imported to Germany from another EU country is handled differently from the vehicle than a vehicle purchased in Germany, valid CoC papers are essential in addition to the type approval. The vehicle is only registered in Germany with valid CoC paper and the vehicle owner also receives a registration certificate from the registration office (Part II), which corresponds to the former vehicle registration document. But in which cases can the CoC papers for a vehicle be applied for after the fact? CoC papers can only be applied for retrospectively for vehicles that have a valid EU type certificate. For older vehicles without an EU type certificate, as well as for vehicles that were not intended for the EU, these papers cannot be purchased retrospectively. The subsequent purchase of the CoC papers runs exclusively through the respective vehicle manufacturer.

summarizing the most important information:

  • COC (Certificate of Conformity) papers are also known as an EC certificate of conformity and are forgery-proof (special paper is used for printing)
  • important when registering imported vehicles
  • they prove that a vehicle complies with the legal requirements of the EU
  • for vehicles built before 1996, the documents can be ordered from the manufacturer (costs between 60 and 200 euros)
  • COC certificate proves that there is a type approval from the European Union (confirms that the vehicle complies with the legally established standards on environmental and safety regulations for the EU)
  • The COC certificate includes the following data, for example:
    - Vehicle identification number (VIN)
    Type and make
    - stroke volume
    - emission behavior
    - noise level
  • COC papers are usually available when the vehicle is handed over (they have been mandatory for new vehicles since 1996)
  • there is no obligation to carry it in the car (it should even be avoided to carry the COC papers in the car)

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EC certificate of conformity EEC COC 8 What is CoC papers for vehicles?

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