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Cold cleaner: an effective cleaning agent against hydrophobic dirt!

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Cold foam intensive Cold cleaner Motor cold cleaner Tuning cold cleaner: An effective cleaning agent against hydrophobic dirt!

When it comes to dissolving oils and fats, that is Cold cleaner often the method of choice. Even stubborn dirt like Dirt, dust and wax can be with it remove. The cleaning agent plays a decisive role in metal and plastics processing. Here it is used for parts cleaning. In other trades it is used for the maintenance of engines and machines cold foam set. The large selection of products shows that the agent is used extensively.

Cold cleaner: effective cleaning agent!

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  1. Mild conditions / excellent cleaning power
  2. Use of the intensive cold cleaner
  3. What makes the cold cleaner so effective?
  4. Where is cold cleaner used?
  5. Effective use in industry
  6. Other areas also rely on cold cleaners
  7. Application requires specific precautionary measures
  8. Personal protective equipment
  9. Disposal and recycling

Mild conditions with an excellent cleaner!

To achieve good cleaning results, many cleaning agents require a high temperature. This is different with the cold cleaner. Temperatures are enough here around 20 degrees Celsius completely off so that the full cleaning power is developed. They consist of a mixture of different ones more aromatic or aliphatic hydrocarbons. The principle behind the cleaning effect is "Like solves like". The organic solvents contained in the cold cleaner can dissolve hydrophobic dirt, including Fats, oils, tar, resins and Wax fall.

Cold foam intensive Cold cleaner Engine cold cleaner Tuning 1 Cold cleaner: An effective cleaning agent against hydrophobic dirt!

You need one for this exposure, after which the dirt can be removed. In most cases The cleaner also evaporates without leaving any residue. The cleaners are also used in industry, where they are primarily used in the Degreasing of machines and machine parts. They can also be useful in private households. With them, im Engine compartment oil and grease spills in the car remote will or else the Bike chain to be freed from incrustations and bike oil. "back

Application: from the intensive cold cleaner

Attention: Intensive cold cleaner can not be spray on hot parts! Only in conjunction with one Light liquid separator (Fuel separator). Do not use at the same time as emulsifying wastewater containing surfactants.

  1. Spray on cold cleaner and let it take effect
  2. Spray down with the strongest possible water jet, e.g. high-pressure device
  3. Repeat the process if necessary if it is heavily soiled
  4. Application canister agent: spray on undiluted (e.g. with a pump sprayer)
  5. let absorb
  6. Spray down with the strongest possible water jet (HD device).
  7. Dewaxing possible:
    - Use 3-5% cleaning emulsion in the high-pressure cleaner

If the cold cleaner was used, it can happen that the factory-applied Preservation wax in the engine compartment attacked or even completely removed has been. If that is the case, a new wax or a special motor protection paint applied become. What needs to be considered here, we have in our article "Engine protection paint and engine compartment sealing - Info!" summarized. "back

What makes the cold cleaner so effective?

Cold cleaner is a mixture low chain aliphatic as well as partially aromatic Hydrocarbons represent. Your Boiling range is comparatively low and is usually between 140 and 190 degrees Celsius. Most of the variants are at room temperature volatile, which is why they evaporate. Other typical ingredients of the cold cleaner are: Alcohols, ether compounds such as 1-methoxypropyl acetate and esters, but also ketones or hydroxyketones. This range of basic additives already shows that the market for almost every cleaning problem finds the right cleaning agent.

Cold foam intensive Cold cleaner Engine cold cleaner Tuning 3 Cold cleaner: An effective cleaning agent against hydrophobic dirt!

The detergents also contain stabilizersso that the durability is guaranteed. They act as antioxidants and keep the solvent off does not decompose prematurely. For the targeted passivation of components Inhibitors for corrosion protection for use. The static charge caused by friction, on the other hand, is contained by the Antistatic agents prevented, as it could occur when transferring the cleaning agent. At the same time, the Risk of ignition degraded. Depending on the solvent it contains, the cleaning agent can have a pronounced odor of solvents, which is undesirable. This is why they are found in some cleaners Odorous substancesthat the smell a little when using acetone, for example should reduce. "back

Where is cold cleaner used?

Many industrial processes can cause pollution or contamination. These are caused by oils, fats, wax or resin. Before the parts are further processed, for example lacquered must be the leftovers removed. This is the only way to guarantee the high quality of the end product. This cleaning power is also required in other areas. "back

Effective use in industry

In the metalworking industry in particular, parts cleaning is an essential part of the process chain. During the manufacturing and processing phase, sheet metal, profile and cast parts repeatedly come with different oils such as Drilling or punching oil and anti-corrosion coatings in contact. Before these parts further processed or lacquered all dirt must be residue be eliminated. Otherwise the quality of the product will suffer.

Cold foam intensive Cold cleaner Engine cold cleaner Tuning 4 Cold cleaner: An effective cleaning agent against hydrophobic dirt!

In the plastics processing industry, too, the moldings and components come into contact with such substances. Because here too there is drilling and milling. To do this have to Cooling lubricant can be used. Also Glue residue are common, as many components are nowadays glued together. In many cases a organic solvent be used. "back

Other areas also rely on cold cleaners

All areas that deal with the maintenance or cleaning of machines are also dependent on the use of cold cleaners. Must in auto repair shops Gearbox and engine getting cleaned. In the aviation industry, it is again aircraft and engine parts or trains that are produced by Traces of grease and oil mixed with Dirt and dust need to be cleaned. To remove the very stubborn incrustations and dirt, provides Cold cleaner the means of choice.

Cold foam intensive Cold cleaner Motor cold cleaner Tuning circuit board Cold cleaner: An effective cleaning agent against hydrophobic dirt!

The optical and precision engineering industry, but also the electrical and electronics industry, are other sectors in which cold cleaners are popular. Especially in the optical industry the lenses must be clean and oil films and fingerprints interfere with the process. Dust and dirt in combination with oils and greases represent a challenge in the electrical and electronics industry that needs to be mitigated. So must too electronic components or ladder pallets be cleaned regularly. "back

The use of cold cleaners needs to be more targeted Precautions

Cold cleaners are a mixture of different solvents. In part, their flashpoints can be at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius lie. Besides, they are volatile at room temperaturewhile she residue evaporate. This effect is desired, but must be taken into account during handling. Basically, the Risk of spontaneous combustionif the mixture comes into contact with air. The vapors of the solvents are heavier than air, which is why an explosive atmosphere can form. The danger can be averted by a good ventilation. If the means are to be filled or transferred, a corresponding one should be used Extraction can be used. In this way, escaping vapors can be extracted directly. Neither should the containers be left open. A storage in ventilated Chemical cabinets should be ensured.

When handling the Safety measures must be observed with regard to fire protection. He should away from ignition sources open flames as well as hot surfaces. Mechanically generated sparks represent another source of danger, as well the electrostatic charge. This is also with Decanting cleaning agent is important, as the containers used can charge up during the process. To avoid that there is one prior earthing is essential. "back

Also important: personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment is essential for the user the vorgeschrieb. These are protective clothing that is familiar from working with chemicals. Should there be a possibility that Aerosols or vapors form is also a respiratory protection necessary.

Cold foam intensive Cold cleaner Motor cold cleaner Protective clothing Cold cleaner: An effective cleaning agent against hydrophobic dirt!

The plays an important role in this skin protection. Cold cleaner removes fats from her on contact. So that it does not come into contact with the skin, special gloves are suitable, for example from fluororubber consist. On the part of occupational health and safety, the use of a moisturizing skin cream urgently recommended after the work. "back

Disposal and recycling

Many companies use cold cleaners not only in manual, but also in technical process at. When processing in Washing, spraying or immersion processes has to be oil separator to be available. With him, the remedy will follow from sewage separated. This is an oily film sucked off, which follows disposed of or be recycled can be. Under the separator is the baffle from which the purified water emerges. The purified water can safely be discharged into the sewage system.

Important: The cleaner is allowed under no circumstances in combination with surfactant-containing wastewater be disposed of. Otherwise emulsification occurs and oil separation is no longer possible.

The separated cold cleaner can be used in a multi-stage process reconditioned become. In doing so, larger impurities are caused by Filtration and centrifugation away. Then it comes to distillation and to separation of volatile and non-volatile hydrocarbons. Other existing organic components are then removed using sulfuric acid failed. If unexpected organic solvents are found that cannot be worked up, they must be disposed of properly. "back

Cold foam intensive Cold cleaner Motor cold cleaner Tuning cold cleaner: An effective cleaning agent against hydrophobic dirt!

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