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Info: What are comfort codes and how does it work?

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So-called Convenience coding are possible for vehicles from almost all manufacturers / vehicle types. Newer vehicles in particular can be customized and set with a large number of convenience codes. In principle, however, this is also possible with older vehicles. Example: an old Opel Vectra B 1.6 16V from 1996. Using convenience coding, for example, it is possible to open the windows automatically by “holding down” the lock button on the vehicle key closed will. And if you turn them around, you can “hold down” the button to unlock them again öffnen. This function is ex works on this vehicle should not activated for the customer, but can be activated using convenience coding.

the possibilities are endless

Another example: For a VW Phaeton built in 2010 with a factory-installed alarm system, it is possible, among other things, to have a acoustic acknowledgment activate when locking and unlocking. This is a comfort code for the vehicle and its use is not provided in Germanyas prohibited by law. In other countries, however, acoustic acknowledgment is permitted and can therefore be coded in the respective country - under your own responsibility - to be activated. The two examples based on VW and Opel can be continued indefinitely. Even older vehicles from the early 90s have a multitude of functions here. However, current vehicles with digital displays, cameras, etc. clearly surpass the functions of that time. There is almost nothing that cannot be somehow changed or adapted using comfort coding.

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Tip: Before you get into the software of the vehicle, you should inquire whether the coding might lead to the loss of warranty claims against the car manufacturer. Coding can affect the essential properties of the vehicle. If these are changed, an obligation to notify / approval by the Federal Motor Transport Authority may be necessary. In the event of violations, there is a risk of fines, coercive measures and even shutdown. 

Examples of possible codings - BMW / Mini

  • Navigation / menu navigation / multimedia
    - Play videos via USB (from construction stage NBT)
    - Play video while driving / DVD activation
    - Startup Logo Navi, M-GmbH, BMW, MINI (from construction stage NBT)
    - Acoustic acknowledgment in the iDrive on / off
    - Switch off the radio when the door is opened
    - Deactivate ASD "Active Sound Design"
    - Own mobile phone ringtone instead of BMW ringtone (NBT from 03/2014)
    - Change the tone palette BMW and MINI
    - Switch on / off daytime running lights in iDrive
  • Speedometer / head-up display
    - Show digital speed display in station wagon
    - Change remaining tank range warning
    - HUD - 3D descents in the HUD (Junction View)
    - Activate HUD caller presentation
    - Activate HUD - list of radio stations / MP3
    - Activate HUD phone book
    - Activate the logo in the speedometer display (e.g. M-Performance; M135i ...)
    - Time at the bottom right instead of in the middle

Additional indicators Roof indicators Position light, drawer 4 Info: What are comfort codes and how does it work?

  • Open & close / exterior mirrors / electr. Tailgate
    - Acoustic acknowledgment when closing / opening (with alarm system)
    - Immediate folding in of the exterior mirrors when locking
    - The window regulator (front) does not break off when the door is opened
    - Window lifter (rear) does not break off when the door is opened
    - Convertible top can be operated while driving (F23 and F13)
    - Comfort opening - shorten the time delay when opening the window
    - Comfort closing - time delay when folding in the exterior mirrors
    - Exterior mirrors foldable while driving (over 20Km / h)
    - Exterior mirrors can be folded out while driving (over 40 km / h)
    - Open and close the electric tailgate using the A-pillar switch
    - Open and close the electric tailgate with the key
  • Lighting
    - Activate the daytime running lights at the rear
    - Daytime running light rings at the front, even with low beam (xenon), 100% strength
    - Increase the number of tip indicators (only F20 and F30)
    - LED of the door handles light up when reversing (light package) F20 / F30
    - Welcome light - Activate front indicators and / or exterior mirrors
    - Welcome light - activate fog lights when unlocking
  • Start / Stop
    - Automatic start / stop always switched off when the engine is started (can be switched on)
    - Automatic start / stop remembers the last position (memory)
    - Activate Side View while driving
    - Activate Surround View while driving
    - Start the vehicle in ECO-Pro mode
    - cameras
    - Activate the reversing camera while driving
    - Activate the macro coupling zoom on the rear view camera
  • seat belt reminders
    - Continuous warning tone (e.g. warn only once, then off)
    - Switch off the seat belt warning device completely (not permitted in the StVZO area)
  • Cruise control / speed limiter
    - Change distance level with active cruise control ACC (standard: level 3)
    - Unlock Speed ​​Limiter (F20 and F30 built before 03/2014)
  • headlight washers
    - No speed limit until SRA can be used
    - Injection pulse duration in milliseconds of the SRA (water saving effect)
  • cameras
    - Activate the reversing camera while driving
    - Activate Surround View while driving
    - Activate the macro coupling zoom on the rear view camera
    - Activate Side View while driving
  • Others
    - Driving forwards / backwards with the door open (automatic transmission)
    - Air conditioning compressor does not switch on automatically when the "AUTO" button is pressed

Examples more common Codings - all brands

Basic settings:

  • Start / stop function
  • Beep lock and unlock
  • Fold in or out mirrors automatically
  • Closing the windows after locking the car door (with the key)
  • Locking the doors from a certain speed (e.g. from 15 km / h)
  • seat belt reminders

Lighting functions:

  • The brake lights flash when the brakes are fully applied
  • Flashing of the headlights when locking / unlocking the doors (via the remote control)
  • Activate / deactivate daytime running lights
  • Change the brightness of the daytime running lights
  • Flashing of the headlights when the alarm system is triggered (if installed)

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  • Display of the real speed via the GPS signal
  • Current consumption at current speed
  • Selection: display on dashboard or head-up display
  • Brightness of instruments
  • Display of the switching time (eco or sport mode)
  • Incoming calls display

Parking aid:

  • Reversing camera, is automatically activated when reverse gear is engaged or when rolling backwards
  • Acoustic warning signal when engaging reverse gear or when rolling backwards

Suitable devices & connection for the comfort coding?

There are lots of tools / solutions available directly from the vehicle manufacturer, but these are usually for the end user should not are accessible. But there is also an extensive range available from third-party providers. Solutions that we have already tested, such as VCDS, Carly, OBDeleven, BimmerCode, Carista & Co. enable the desired coding, depending on the manufacturer and vehicle type. The devices are usually connected via the OBD connection in the vehicle. The connection is usually made via Bluetooth and sometimes over Cables. Special knowledge is usually required not necessaryso that even laypeople can do this type of coding.

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However, you should always concernsthat a lot of damage can be done with it, which may only be repaired in a specialist workshop or even result in a repair. Coding always means an intervention in the configuration of the on-board computer. We therefore recommend going to a specialist workshop or a trusted tuner. Simple codings can often be carried out there for a “ten” in the coffee box. Multiple codings or particularly profound changes can also cost a lot more. It always depends on the possibilities, the vehicle and personal wishes. Anyone who is uncomfortable with this, who is unsure or is afraid of consequential damage, should keep away from coding.

Well-known devices for coding!

The following list shows a few examples of common vehicle types and corresponding devices. Many devices can also be combined with several vehicle types / manufacturers. And there are often tools that are suitable for almost all common vehicle brands. In terms of functionality, you have to make compromises from time to time, but when it comes to a few customizations, a universal OBD tool is usually sufficient.

VCDS - VAG Group
OP-COM - Opel
Vident - Alfa Romeo
PSA-COM - Citroen
BimmerCode - BMW
VXDIAG - Mazda
NT530 PRO - Cadillac
FCOM - Ford
Kufatec - Mercedes
Lexia - Peugeot
iCarsoft - Chrysler
Launch - Fiat

At the end... A vehicle is a complex machine with innumerable functions. These are controlled by one (or more) computers. But not all functions are activated by the manufacturer. Some are even annoying. The functions can be activated, customized or deactivated by coding. Many functions that have not been activated by the manufacturer can therefore already be built into the vehicle. If you want to use them, the car owner can in many cases change the coding do it yourself. At the very end of the post you will find a few instructions for different vehicles!

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