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Also for retrofitting - the convenient flashing function!

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Retrofit comfort flashing Tip flashing e1577868363372 The convenience flashing function can also be retrofitted!

Flashing comfortably with three flashing intervals can be sufficient if, for example, a car is to be overhauled. Longer flashing intervals are necessary at the traffic lights where you can stand for 30 seconds or longer. And when turning without a traffic light, longer intervals of the Turn signals to be necessary. In general, the StVO (Road Traffic Regulations) does not state how often the flashing should be done or what the flashing interval should be. Another road user, for example another car, only needs to be warned in good time and, above all, clearly about a lane change or overtaking. A clear and timely announcement by the flashing is therefore necessary. The comfort flashing function can therefore be useful if short flashing intervals are sufficient. What comfort flashing is and whether it can be retrofitted is explained below.

Convenience flashing - what does that mean?

Retrofit comfort flashing Tip flashing 3 The convenience flashing function can also be retrofitted!

Comfort flashing means that the indicator only needs to be touched briefly and the direction indicator flashes three times in succession. This comfort flashing is a function that can, but does not have to, be integrated on the turn signal lever in modern vehicles. The convenience flashing function was integrated into modern cars years ago to increase safety. At high speeds on the motorway, an overtaking process can be displayed quickly and easily without having to operate the turn signal lever completely. One tap is enough and the blinker flashes three times in succession. The turn signal must of course light up in good time and be clearly perceptible by other road users. It is important that the change of lane is clearly signaled. As a driver you can best estimate whether the three flashes were enough to give the desired signal. If this is not the case, you will of course have to flash again. The comfort flashing function is therefore no guarantee that other road users have recognized their own intention. Nevertheless, the system increases comfort and enables the driver of the car to act quickly. The comfort flashing is made possible by a so-called powerless light switch.

Comfort flashing can be retrofitted

Retrofit comfort flashing Tip flashing 2 The convenience flashing function can also be retrofitted!

Comfort flashing means that the indicator has to be tapped once and the vehicle direction indicators flash three times. In many new vehicles, this is already installed as standard ex works. However, the comfort flashing function can be retrofitted and is also available for older cars. There are practical retrofit kits on the market that are suitable for this purpose. Retrofitting the function can also be worthwhile for older company vehicles. Cars that are used for business are often on the road, and a comfort indicator can increase safety there and guarantee the eponymous comfort.

how is such a system retrofitted?

A high-quality retrofit kit suitable for the vehicle type is required. Before buying, you should ensure that no operationally relevant circuits have to be interrupted to install the set. At best, the set should be able to be installed plug & play and for this purpose have only a few cables or connections. It is also advisable to purchase the retrofit kit from manufacturers who are experienced in the field. For example, manufacturers indicate how many and which vehicles have already been successfully retrofitted with the sets. Retrofitting systems can often do even more. There is the function that the indicators light up automatically 3 times with a single tap, but with many sets it can optionally also be 5 times. The number of flashes can then be set to 3 or 5. And it is similar for vehicles that have this function installed at the factory. Here you can often use OBD diagnostics set the desired number. If you are not sure about the retrofit, you should consult a specialist workshop and have the convenience flashing system retrofitted or installed there. Specialist workshops can also provide information about admission procedures if necessary.

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Retrofit comfort flashing Tip flashing 4 e1577868597433 The convenience flashing function can also be retrofitted!

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Verivox tuning blog credit 12 Also for retrofitting the comfort flashing function!

go The convenience flashing function can also be retrofitted!

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