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Close the window at the push of a button using the convenience lock

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Retrofit convenience lock Tuning e1577689490380 Close the window at the push of a button using the convenience lock!

Whether you want to close the window panes, the car roof, the fuel filler cap or the trunk lid, you don't want to do the opening and closing yourself, so there is a so-called option convenience closing, A convenience lock works with a remote control and in combination with the Central locking system and, depending on the effort and system, can even be sent to one Remote Starter be coupled. You can freely decide what you want to control with a convenience lock. Since, for example, a convenience lock can only be connected to the windows or the trunk lid, the system can be installed in a simple manner.

Car model for comfort closing

Retrofit convenience lock Tuning 3 e1577689531341 Close the window at the push of a button using the convenience lock!

If you want to equip a car with a comfort lock, this is not possible with every comfort lock. Rather, depending on the variant, there are differences in the vehicle model. The system must be matched to the vehicle model. You have to pay attention to this when buying a convenience lock. However, there is now the option of comfort locking for almost every vehicle. You also have to pay attention to what the convenience lock should do. Due to the technical differences depending on the model, the performance differences and the price differences, you should compare the offers accordingly before purchasing a comfort lock.

Control of convenience closing with control element

Retrofitting convenience locks Tuning Installation of windows at the push of a button using convenience locks!

Basically, comfort locking means extensive intervention in the vehicle. So depending on the desired tax effect, the windows have to be adjusted accordingly power windows equip or the trunk lid convert. And the convenience lock also needs electricity. For this purpose, wiring must be made, but also a control. This is a control element that is controlled via the remote control. The control element must be connected to the existing vehicle electrical system and, if necessary, coded. Depending on the comfort locking model, there may be different steps during installation. You should follow the installation instructions for the vehicle. Depending on the model, there is also the possibility that the ignition key is / will be equipped with the control element for the convenience lock. Here there is also the possibility that when the car is switched off and the ignition key is moved, it will trigger the convenience lock and control the windows or other functions as desired. An opening or closing can then be carried out by pressing an operating button. The closing or opening process can also be ended at any time, for example if you no longer hold down the control button.

maybe already installed ex works?

Before you decide on a third-party system, you should check whether the vehicle is already equipped with a convenience lock ex works. This is often the case. The system is installed, however not activated, The car manufacturers often install additional components from a higher equipment line ex works to save production costs, but do not activate the functions in the basic model. Various OBD devices can already give an initial insight here and possibly even activate the desired function directly. Alternatively, of course, the possible options can also be found by a tuning workshop and, of course, the local authorized dealer. And often you can also get an overview in advance in various forums regarding hidden functions, which are often also declared as a secret menu or secret function.

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Retrofitting convenience lock Tuning Installation 3 e1577690021935 Close the window at the push of a button using the convenience lock!

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High beam assistant Light assistant nachr% C3% BCsten 4 e1577626673204 310x165 Close the window at the push of a button using the convenience lock!

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