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The compression reduction / compression increase!

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Compaction reduction Compaction increase sandwich panel e1579005866457 The compression reduction / increase in compression!

If you want to make the engine of the vehicle more powerful, you have various tuning options to choose from. A variant for improving the performance of the engine is the reduction in compression or the increase in destruction for the vehicle. The compression reduction is also a comparatively inexpensive increase in performance and can be easily installed or retrofitted for experienced tuners. The tuning option for the engine is discussed in more detail below.

few components lead to the tuning goal

Performance diagram protocol performance increase test bench The compression reduction / compression increase!

An improvement in engine performance can be achieved simply by using fewer components. A special plate can be used to reduce compaction, for example, when upgrading from Compressor or exhaust gas turbocharger. The compression reduction itself, if a tuner has practice, can be done on your own. Inexpensive solutions for reducing compression and increasing the performance of the engine can be purchased from specialist dealers. If you have no practice in the tuning area and have never worked on an engine, you should have both the parts order and the installation carried out by a specialist workshop or an experienced tuning workshop.

Compression reduction - what should you watch out for?

Tuning VTG Turbocharger Wastegate Turbocharger 2 The compression reduction / compression increase!

When buying a compression reduction, the tuning should pay attention to high-quality materials. The work on the motors and the materials used must be safe. It is therefore advisable to purchase compression reductions made of stainless steel or a similar high-quality material. The stainless steel is corrosion-resistant or corrosion-free and at the same time it has extremely robust properties. The load that occurs at high engine outputs is enormous and the compression reduction must be able to withstand these extreme loads. If you are not sure which items are of high quality, you can use tuning forums to find a suitable manufacturer. In tuning workshops, too, the demand for a suitable manufacturer of compression reductions can be worthwhile. Furthermore, attention should be paid to the sales information. Not every online retailer offers all the necessary components in a set. It happens that, in addition to the plates to reduce compression, the necessary ones head gaskets must be purchased separately.

Suitable compression reduction for every engine

E85 Ethanol Tuning Flexfuel Kit Turbocharger The compression reduction / compression increase!

Suitable compression reductions are available for almost every engine. The so-called compression plates are available in various thicknesses. When buying, you should pay attention to the appropriate formats for the respective engine. It is advisable to seek advice on the correct plate thickness or format before purchasing. The engine model is important and should, of course, be mentioned in addition to the vehicle brand when consulting. With the right data, the tuning enthusiast receives the right accessories to increase the performance of the vehicle.

What does a reduction in compaction bring?

The compression reduction due to excessive combustion pressure is installed if, for example, a turbocharger has been retrofitted. This counteracts the dreaded knocking burn. An example: If an uncharged engine has a compression ratio of 10: 1, this increases to 1: 14 due to the turbocharger installed at 1 bar boost pressure. A 1,5 reduction gasket (approx. ~ 1,7 mm thick with additional head gasket) then reduces this ratio to a relatively unproblematic 12: 1. However, the type of injection also plays a role here, the area of ​​application and the desired goal. That is why our example is by no means to be seen as a blanket.

What does an increase in compression bring?

Edit cylinder head Tuning 2 The compression reduction / increase compression!

The increase in compaction cannot be achieved simply by inserting a special plate. This variant is significantly more extensive and, in addition to special technology, also requires an expert hand. By the Surface grinding from the cylinder head the compression of the engine can be increased. But only if the combustion chamber is in the cylinder head. This is not the case with every engine. By increasing the compression, a better combustion is achieved and the performance of the engine is increased. However, an absolutely perfect surface is a mandatory requirement. And many other components are also essential when increasing compaction. Without modified pistons and connecting rods, without adapted electronics and without changes to the charge air system or the exhaust system, the result should be rather manageable.

Conclusion: compression reduction / increase

compaction reduction converting the engine to a turbocharger leads to more power and is an effective way of tuning the car. In addition to a compression reduction plate, other components (head gaskets), pistons & connecting rods, software, etc. are necessary to achieve a real increase in performance. When buying a compression reduction, it is important to find the right variant for the vehicle model and engine type. Professional tuners can help with the choice. Regarding the increased compression the effort is significantly greater. A perfect result is achieved here, in particular using modern CNC technology.

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