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Ongoing tuning trend! Concave rims on the car!

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BMW 1 Series F21 ZP2.1 Deep Concave Rims Tuning 5 Ongoing tuning trend! Concave rims on the car!

At school, the teacher said: If the girl is good, the belly remains concave. This makes it clear that concave rims are curved INSIDE! But what has made the type of rims so popular for years and what should be considered in general? Well, due to the curvature of the rim inwards, it looks particularly large and dynamic. It can even be that a concave rim looks optically one inch larger than it actually is. And that is exactly the intention of a new rim, right? So every driver who likes an unusual and sporty look should keep an eye on concave rims. Tip: New rims for the car? It is important to pay attention to this before buying!

the hype about concave rims

Ferrada Deep Concave Series rims Dodge Challenger SRT Tuning 3 Ongoing tuning trend! Concave rims on the car!

Concave rims are now a real hype. Because almost all tuners already have this type of wheel in their range and the demand for them is very high due to the sporty, mostly classic five-spoke design. Caution is advised, however, because, oh wonder, not every rim can be easily fitted to every car. Reasons for this are the need for a small Offsetto get the correct depth distance. In addition, the distance between the braking system must be ensured so as not to restrict the clearance to the braking system. There are provisions and regulations that must be strictly adhered to! Tuning rims usually have to be registered so that you remain compliant with the law. (info: Incidentally, there are also convex rims)

What does the fun of the concave rims cost?

R10 Deep Concave Monoblock BMW M3 Sakhir orange Tuning 13 Persistent tuning trend! Concave rims on the car!

Concave rims, in English also concave wheels or deep concave or deep concave are available from approx. EUR 300 per rim or partly for less. However, when it comes to registration, the whole thing can be much more expensive, but this can be different in each individual case. But you should definitely avoid driving with unregistered rims to save the money for the registration, because the operating license expires immediately and it certainly won't be cheaper in the event of a police check or even an accident. If the rims are on one Trailer Queen it doesn't matter, of course.

Which vehicles are suitable?

It must be checked individually for each vehicle whether the rim manufacturers have a set of rims in the portfolio for the respective vehicle model. In general, you can say that of course those cars that come from well-known manufacturers and then also from the upper price segment, of course, receive more attention from the rim manufacturers and often look better with concave rims than many small hat boxes. In no case can you generalize this !!! It is clear that if a car is rare, then the prospect of finding a set of rims for this rare model is much less than with vehicles that are much more common on the market. Due to the hype mentioned, there should currently be a concave rim for pretty much every vehicle from at least one manufacturer. If necessary, they are specially made.

R10 Deep Concave Monoblock BMW M3 Sakhir orange Tuning 7 Persistent tuning trend! Concave rims on the car!

At the end... Concave rims are increasingly in demand. But it is not always easy to install them on the car. The offsets are always higher and the brakes and the brake protrusion grow. Since the rim star of a concave rim goes further inwards in exactly this area, this is becoming more and more difficult for the rim manufacturer. Sometimes you should check whether a "normal concave" rim is sufficient or whether it should definitely be a "deep concave (DC)" variant.

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Race Forged R6 X Concave Tuning MD Maserati Granturismo Sport 6 Ongoing tuning trend! Concave rims on the car!

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Fellling fur foiling fur cover Tuning 1 e1589562682341 310x165 Persistent tuning trend! Concave rims on the car!

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sex spec car tuning over the top 310x165 Persistent tuning trend! Concave rims on the car!

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Greta Thunberg sticker 310x165 Ongoing tuning trend! Concave rims on the car!

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