Connected Cars: The future of the automotive industry relies on connection

The automotive industry is in a state of upheaval. Many car manufacturers are currently considering the question of what the future of road transport might look like. One thing seems clear: autonomous driving will be possible – and soon! Manufacturers like Audi, Tesla and BMW have already put a lot of resources into developing self-driving vehicles. A clear trend is emerging: connected cars. But what exactly can we imagine under this vision of the future?

Autonomous vehicles already exist

The self-driving car or bus is no longer a dream from a science fiction novel. Numerous automobile manufacturers have already developed models that can navigate independently through their surroundings and traffic. Many of the technologies used in autonomous vehicles are already built into our mobile vehicles. The speech is e.g. B. from lane keeping or brake assistants, which can independently intervene in the driving process.

Nevertheless, there are hardly any vehicles on the road that navigate without human intervention. This is because, in the opinion of many experts, the safety of road users is not yet sufficiently ensured. Although autonomous cars perform well in tests, there are still numerous sources of error. Rarely, however, accidents do occur. The Connected Car technology moves the automotive industry, as it promises to eliminate these sources of error. This increases security enormously.

What is a Connected Car?

Simply put, a connected car is a vehicle that is connected to the internet. This allows it to communicate with various sensors and other devices. Automatic conclusions are drawn from the information collected, which make autonomous driving possible in the first place. Sensors outside the vehicle help, for example, to calculate distances in milliseconds and to brake in a timely manner. In the broadest sense, many cars on the road are already connected cars.

However, the possibilities of this connection can be increased enormously. You hear the term “Car2Car Communication” more and more often. Through the Internet of Things Connected cars will be made possible to communicate with each other. This exchange makes it possible for the vehicles to know exactly where another car is, even without a distance meter. If you now imagine that all traffic consists of cars that can exchange such information, a large network is created. In this network, every road user knows exactly where everyone else is. This means collisions can be virtually eliminated. However, the vehicles can also exchange other information: for example about the traffic situation or the condition of the road.

Manufacturers are focusing on connected cars

More and more automobile manufacturers are turning to the future trend. Audi is at the forefront and has been developing technologies for connected cars that are intended to improve the driving experience for many years. The focus so far has been increasingly on the entertainment sector. BMW uses the Internet of Things in its vehicles primarily for safety features that make driving easier. The Bavarian car dealership is an absolute pioneer, especially in the area of ​​driving assistance.

As is well known, experts at Tesla are intensively researching ways to integrate autonomous vehicles into road traffic. Various processes in Tesla cars can already be controlled using an app. An autopilot system is also offered, which uses cameras and image processing software to greatly reduce human driving activity. Using the app, a Tesla can e.g. B. can park and unpark independently. Completely autonomous control is already possible in test operation. However, there is still no approval for this on most roads.

Even if connected cars can already be found in transport in the true sense, the technologies are far from reaching their full potential. Thanks to the connection, vehicles can not only offer practical driving aids, but sooner or later even navigate through their surroundings completely independently. In order to make autonomous driving safer, Car2Car communication will play a major role in the future.

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