Angle the connecting rod? That's why it's made!

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A question that also arises in the field of tuning, especially when not only chip tuning software is installed, but also the inside of the engine is revised, is, why does a connecting rod have to be angled? The 100% angling of connecting rods plays a major role for the engine. And, as a rule, it is even required that even branded connecting rods before assembly! measured and the exact parallelism tested respectively reworked will. If a connecting rod is not installed in the engine at an absolutely correct angle, this can cause one-sided piston or cylinder damage. As a result, the piston can no longer be guided XNUMX% straight in the bore. This entails the risk of heavy wear on the components or they can even break. Therefore, protect your engine from major engine damage due to defective or insufficient quality of the connecting rods. Good tuners make sure that all connecting rods be precisely measured and aligned.

Angle the connecting rod, that's how it's done!

Connecting rod angles Check E1651754800650

Can you check at home whether the connecting rods are at an angle? Nein! At least not with standard screwdriver tools and without a special device. Rough can be done using various methods (put two rods through the connecting rod eyes and measure front and back or hold two flat irons on the piston crowns etc.) to see if everything roughly fits, but this is not really reliable. And one should also consider that whether the connecting rods are at an angle has nothing to do with pushing through the gudgeon pin. Because it also goes through if the hole was drilled at the wrong angle to the connecting rod shaft. That is why tuners and engine builders have a special device (for example with a high-precision angle mandrel) to measure angularity. The angling and measuring of connecting rods/conrods should before installation so be sure to leave it to the professionals. If the connecting rods are measured for angularity and torsion, and the blind bore of the connecting rods is checked, then perfect running is guaranteed.

Check angularity of connecting rods

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