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Replicas and Continuation Cars - New on old

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Replica Ford GT40 EcoBoost V6 Superformance Future GT Forty Tuning 2 Replicas and Continuation Cars New on old made

Modern supercars or vintage cars are unaffordable to most people. Vehicles sold at auctions of several million euros are often considered more than an investment as a motor vehicle, so you can hardly see them on the street. If you see such a very special car, such as a Porsche 550 Spyder, it is quite possible that this is not an original car. The keyword is replica, or continuation cars. But only those who at least know what these terms are all about.

What are replicas and continuation cars?

1955 Porsche 550 Spyder Replica Replicas and Continuation Cars New on the old
1955 Porsche 550 Spyder Replica

Unlike original cars, replicas are replicas of vehicles. To what extent the replica corresponds to the original is hereby up to the builder. Often, however, the replica is limited to the exterior. The interior can also match that of the original vehicle with high-quality replicas. However, there are many Replicas, where the interior is not quite the same as the original, for safety reasons such as the installation of airbags. Above all, the engine and the entire vehicle technology comes in most cases from modern mass production. So repairs are not a problem as there are spare parts. In addition, the vehicles are cheaper. Continuation Cars differ from Replicas only in one point. These are also replicas, but the replica must come from a no longer manufactured car. So if you build a current car, it's a replica, but not a continuation car. Continuation cars are typically replicas of special vintage cars.

similar term, same principle: remastered vehicles

Cunningham C4R continuation car Replicas and Continuation Cars New on old made
Cunningham C4R continuation car

Benefits of Replicas

The big advantage of Replicas over the original vehicles is the price. Various replicas are available from 25.000 euros. This is of course a lot of money, but much more affordable compared to the price of an original vehicle. Another great advantage is the ability to drive a lot with a replica without fear of loss of value or damage to the vehicle. Modern engines are often more reliable than original engines.

The loss in value of a replica is also limited, since the new price is not that high. Replicas or continuation vehicles differ from other tuning vehicles in that they copy a known vehicle model, but often with different technology. There are also kit cars with which you can build a replica yourself. Otherwise replicas are probably something for people with the necessary change, who can buy their dream car without having to pay utopian prices for it. (further terms: replica vehicle, replica cars, replica conversions, replica tuning, replica)

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