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Full control on the track with tuning trailing arms!

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Tuning longitudinal control arm Panhard rod Sphaerolager Tuning e1600401525216 Full control on the track with tuning longitudinal arms!

The trailing arms can be optimized by tuning components, which offer many advantages compared to the factory-installed vehicle parts. Tuning trailing arms with the right components offer a more precise and faster reacting landing gear. The chassis can also be better adjusted and clearer driver feedback is made possible. Furthermore, the camber and toe are adjustable. The articles can be purchased with high-quality spherical bearings and, depending on the vehicle, are available in the form of so-called adjustment kits.

Tuning trailing arms - improved bushings and handlebars

Tuning trailing arm Panhard rod Sphaerolager Tuning 2 e1600401576928 Full control on the track with tuning trailing arms!

Trailing arms are available in qualitative variants suitable for many vehicle models. Additional components such as Bearings and bushes required for the tuning area. Tuning components are available in stores that can be welded to the trailing arms and, for example, replace the original rear axle carrier mounts. The tuning components are designed in such a way that the toe values ​​and the camber values ​​of the rear wheels can be adjusted.

Tuning sockets - what are they good for?

Gunther Werks 400R Porsche 911 933 Mexico Blue Restomod Tuning 4 Full control on the track with tuning trailing arms!

Chassis bushings that are installed at the factory are usually soft and should offer a certain amount of play in the connection. Because of this play, the chassis reacts sluggishly. The sluggish chassis should convey comfort and enable the driver to drive comfortably in traffic. For the racing and tuning sector, rigid bushings are required rather than soft bushings. Rigid bushings reduce play and the drivers of racing and tuning vehicles can use the chassis to the max.

What to look for when buying tuning components?

Police control sign barrier Full control on the track with tuning trailing arms!

Adjust caster, adjust camber and track adjustments and adjust many other values ​​yourself, this is possible with tuning sockets and tuning components for the chassis area. While rubber bushings are often used at the factory, which lead to deviations in values, rigid bushings are used in the tuning area that do not allow any play. Comfortable running gears are used in road traffic, while sporty running gears that react quickly are used in racing. When buying tuning components for the chassis area, attention must be paid to compatibility and quality. For example, setting sets (Uniball bearings, spherical bearings) that require additional side member reinforcement. The installation of tuning components should be carried out professionally to ensure a safe journey and an optimally functioning chassis. The legal side should also be clarified before buying and installing it in a vehicle. Are the parts with a ABE or a Teilegutachten equipped? Are they legal to use on the street? That needs to be clarified BEFORE. Tuning trailing arms and tuning sockets are increasingly used in racing.

Tuning trailing arm - pay attention to compatibility

Trailing arms are also available in reinforced versions for certain vehicles. The respective product description indicates which vehicles the trailing arms are particularly suitable for. A set of trailing arms for the rear axle in a reinforced design is also available, for example, for vehicles that raised are. When buying, you should pay attention to functional trailing arms made of qualitative materials (solid steel or similar). Variants for older tuning vehicles are available in used model versions, on which rust can also be present. The rust should be removed before installation and it should be one hundred percent working, used trailing arm.

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Mixed tires Tuning racetrack Full control on the track with tuning trailing arms!

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Electrically retractable door handles Tuning retrofitting E handles 2 310x165 Full control on the track with tuning trailing arms!

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Wheel Rack Tuning Tire Rack Tire Rack 310x165 Full control on the track with tuning trailing arms!

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Steering angle kit Droft Lock kit Tuning 6 310x165 Full control on the track with tuning trailing arms!

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