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When you buy a car, you have to deal with a lot of things. You have to go after the Opening hours of the admissions office research and maybe even plan your daily routine accordingly. You might even have to take a vacation. Then you have to gather all the papers, like that identity card. Next you have to license plates get and to make matters worse also a waiting number on date of the appointment draw. That can be exhausting! But there is a solution for that. Namely so-called service providers. These also ensure that nothing is missing at the end, because that is very annoying. The service providers call themselves Vehicle Registration Services. Large companies such as car dealerships, leasing companies and other car providers often use it. But it can also private customers make use of this service. There are many who, due to the still current corona situation, do not want to expose themselves to unnecessary contacts.

Vehicle Registration Service

However, if you put your registration in the hands of a vehicle registration service, they will need some papers from you, such as a copy identity card, the current papers from the vehicle and your Insurance Confirmation Number (eVB number). The service providers return the finished number plates with the corresponding seals to the customer after registration has taken place and they only have to be mounted on the new car. There are usually two ways of communicating with the Admissions Service. One is done by handing over the necessary documents by post, the other via personal contact between the service provider and the customer. Alternatively, you can also book the vehicle registration service online on the Internet. Depending on the provider, you can even track the status of the approval online.

Digital registration/change of registration? i-car…

The vehicle alone on the internet Registration, de-registration and re-registration, is still not as easy as one might think. Nevertheless, depending on the registration office, it has been possible from home since 2019. However, many administrations still do not have the opportunity to use the approval made on the Internet, which, by the way, is issued by the federal government as a "i-Kfz" is initiated to edit. And even if it is possible, if you want to register the vehicle via the Internet, then you need one for this Security code, which must be present on the vehicle registration document. You also need one ID card with online ID function and a smartphone with you ID app. In the future, the usual type of approval will also remain in place. registration services therefore even offer numerous insurances and traffic clubs. So you have to look carefully, because not everyone keeps what they promise. Unfortunately, unreliable appointments or excessive pricing are not uncommon.

pay attention to the "processing time".

There are usually all-inclusive prices for car registration, which are between 100 and 150 euros. If you have the money, you can easily buy your car through one Vehicle Registration Service register. The price usually includes signs, administrative work, communication, processing and sending by post. The pure service work usually costs 30 to 50 euros. Getting your new car papers in the regular mail can sometimes take a little longer than getting them with a Express Delivery Procedure can deliver.

2023 changes to digital admission

If the vehicle registration service takes over the job, you can always sit back and wait until the car has been registered. However, before you sign the contract for approval by the approval service, you should look at it read well. Some service providers only process the orders if they have collected several. In such a case, approval can sometimes take several weeks. The process usually takes time one week. You should confirm the appointment.

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