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Lasts a car's life - improved coolant!

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Lasts a car's life - improved coolant!

Who for that cooler the vehicle is looking for improved coolant that does not consist of the classic ethylene-glycol-water mixture, which is found on the Internet and at selected dealers. Like other articles from the automotive sector, coolants can be optimized. Correspondingly improved cooling liquids are commercially available in a large selection and with different specifications. What should be considered when buying an improved coolant for the vehicle is explained below.

Coolant - established since 1930

Lasts a car's life - improved coolant!

In the retail and automotive sectors, the coolant has established itself as a mixture of ethylene glycol and water since 1930. Corrosion protection is also added to the coolant in most cases. The coolant was optimized by Jack Evans' research in 1993 and a synthetic coolant could be produced. The reason for the optimization of the coolant lies primarily in the performance range. Because Jack Evans had discovered that water-based coolant has certain properties that can reduce or at least limit engine performance. The reliability of the performance can be compromised and this is bad especially for the tuning area.

Improved water-based coolant

Lasts a car's life - improved coolant!

Synthetic coolants, which are considered to be improved coolants, are not water-based. The synthetic variants should fully maintain the performance of the tuned engine and, in the best case, even improve or increase the service life of the engine. Furthermore, the improved coolants should not affect engine reliability. The lack of water-based synthetic coolant does not have the properties or problems of other water-based coolants. The synthetic coolants are said to increase the cooling capacity compared to conventional variants. Synthetic coolants have been used in classic cars, construction machinery, aircraft and racing cars for more than 20 years. Long-term experience and a particularly broad test area with the improved coolants are therefore more than just given. Furthermore, coolants are commercially available, which, according to the manufacturer, only have to be used once. No replacement should be necessary, and that over the entire engine runtime or engine life.

Improved coolant - how does it work?

A synthetic variant should be designed in such a way that the metal does not overheat during cooling and none Misfires occur. Water-based coolants have the problem that the temperature limit is often exceeded and inefficient, critical heat flows arise. This can lead to misfires and other problems and is ultimately bad for engine performance and the engine itself.

Coolant - what to look for when buying?

The improved, mostly synthetic coolant should be bought from experienced manufacturers. It is advisable to have a look around in racing and tuning to find the right coolant for the vehicle. If a synthetic coolant has been used for decades, the customer can benefit from the long-term experience. The coolant should work effectively and should not affect engine performance. Furthermore, the improved coolant should not affect the life of the engine.

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Lasts a car's life - improved coolant!

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Lasts a car's life - improved coolant!

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Lasts a car's life - improved coolant!

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Lasts a car's life - improved coolant!

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Lasts a car's life - improved coolant!

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Lasts a car's life - improved coolant!

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Lasts a car's life - improved coolant!

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