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Cover for the trailer hitch: the possibilities!

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Trailer coupling cover ball head Ball protection cover for the trailer coupling: the possibilities!

couplings are a useful little extra, which however can not be found on every car. Even rarer you will find covers for these trailer hitches. But what is there for types of towing hitch covers and what are they actually needed for? First of all, you should be clear about what you can actually buy everything for covers for his trailer hitch. In addition to a simple cover made of different, mostly water-repellent, fabrics, for example, there are also different versions made of soft PVC, which are attached like a cover on the trailer hitch. Of course you can now buy the cheapest and simplest version, which will look the same in most cases: small, black and unobtrusive.

it may already be something style

Trailer coupling cover ball head ball protection cap2 Cover for the trailer coupling: the possibilities!

For most drivers this will be enough, but if you want more, there are almost no limits. Whether you prefer a skull, a flaming design or maybe a little glitter, you will find it. Of course, you should not overdo it to avoid distraction of other participants in the traffic. By the way, most covers come in a quick-detachable version. Of course that carries the risk of theft. Alternatively, there are lockable covers for the trailer hitch. In the end, only the purse will decide.

What about the law? What am I allowed to do?

Police fine catalog tuning cover for the towbar: the possibilities!

While there are many regulations and guidelines for the trailer hitch itself, the cover looks rather meager. When covering the trailer hitch you should pay attention mainly that the license plate is not covered. In the case of a (partial) cover, the license plate must be replaced at another, preferably higher, location, and the license plate illumination must be adjusted. This ensures that the license plate of the car is always easy to recognize and that you are not penalized for unrecognizable or similar things. In addition, as mentioned above, the design of the cover should not distract anyone from the traffic. So if you come across a cover that lights up on its own, where the design itself can be perceived as distracting or offensive, or which strongly reflects, you'd better leave it lying around and resort to a simpler version. This avoids any accidents and accusations that could have been spared.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Many of the potential advantages and disadvantages of the various covers are based on what one personally sees as nicer and more practical. A water-repellent fabric cover is practical, cheap and easy to remove, but does not hold up well and usually does not look very good. If you like it a little safer but still simple and cheap, it is best to use a single-colored PVC cover, which you can't go wrong with. For more extravagant wishes and people who want to give their towbar that certain something and are not afraid of costs, there are ultimately more options than you might have imagined.  You can find more information on the subject in our article on retrofitting a trailer hitch!

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Trailer coupling cover ball head ball protection cap3 Cover for the trailer coupling: the possibilities!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Cover for the trailer hitch: the possibilities!

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