What is a cowl induction hood?

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Cowl Induction Hood Bonnet Scoop Tuning

We know several air intakes for the hood and also a Power Dome is most probably a term, from a Cowl induction hood but so far only very few have heard of it in this country. So what is the difference between a cowl induction hood and a normal hood? Essentially it is the name, because the features of the Cowl induction hood are well known. As a rule, this also has a power dome, which is often mentioned directly in the description of the hood. Usually it is information like "3-inch cowl height" or "height of the cowl 5 centimeters" that is mentioned in the description. As a material is often Carbon or fiberglass used, but also Aluminium and steel are common.

Fresh air for the engine!

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Giving the engine fresh air through the bonnet has been used since the beginning of Grand Prix racing in 1910. The cowl induction hood utilizes a rear opening (various designs), which sucks in part of the fresh air that is on the surface at high speed Windshield accumulates. The cowl induction bonnet thus supplements the air supply to the engine, which is already provided by the front bumper, the radiator grille, the wheel housings, etc. The system of the cowl induction bonnet forces the air into the engine with a certain pressure pressed, which is basically similar to how a compressor works. Of course only on a small scale. Such hoods are also popular for a number of other reasons. Since many performance intakes, particularly on carbureted vehicles, are higher than factory, there may not be enough space under the hood to fit a air filter to install Then the Cowl induction hood asked.

Advantages but also disadvantages

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And another side function concerns the exhaust air in the stand. Although these hoods cool air at high speed suck in, when stationary or at low speed, they ensure that the warm air from the engine can escape. And such a cowl induction hood can even do that aerodynamics improve from the car. Due to the special design, it can smooth the airflow that rushes over the vehicle at high speed. However, the main disadvantage of such a hood is the weather. Although there are some with manual bypass valves and water collection trays, hoods without these additional functions are particularly common. Water can quickly get into the intake and destroy the engine. And the last notable advantage is the optics. A cowl induction bonnet simply looks beefy.

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