Universal engine! This is a so-called crate engine!

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Crate engine box motor tuning 2 universal engine! This is a so-called crate engine!

A crate engine is an engine that is packed and shipped in a crate. It is intended for direct installation in a car. The engine exchange for a crate engine is often done for performance reasons. The Crate Engine is made by various manufacturers (also vehicle manufacturers) made and is also interesting for tuners who want to upgrade a less powerful car model. However, the purpose of the equipment of competitive vehicles. Crate engines and direct engine installation are known for quarter-mile racers. Crate engines are also interesting for people looking for one Electric drive want to convert. After all, the term crate engine means nothing more than providing a single engine for installation in any vehicle. This can therefore also be an electric motor!

Crate Engine - what makes the engine?

Crate engine box motor tuning 3 universal engine! This is a so-called crate engine!

The ready-to-install and individually packaged engine usually only needs a water pump, a fuel system and a suitable exhaust. Crate engines are manufactured on a competitive basis and can often be purchased at very fair prices. A crate engine can be financially worthwhile compared to other performance-enhancing tuning options. The motors can be manufactured individually and can be purchased as custom-made products from the relevant providers. If you are interested in a crate engine, you should inquire at an experienced manufacturer and only have such an engine manufactured by certified experts. Car makers offer crate engines for certain car models. The motors can also be used for Hot Rods to be interesting. The area of ​​application of crate engines is diverse and could also be used for electric vehicles in the future. Electric GT, EV West or Revolt Systems are, for example, contact points for e-crate engines.

Electric GT - E-Motor should look like an internal combustion engine

Electric GT E Motor Crate Engine Tuning Universal engine! This is a so-called crate engine!

Electric GT is a company that can produce Crate Engines as electric motors and had the idea to make an electric motor look like an internal combustion engine. For example, it is possible to design the electric motor like a V-engine that looks like eight or even more cylinders. This possibility of making electric motors look like an internal combustion engine is possible regardless of the number of electric motors. The American company is working on a so-called "plug-and-play" variant that has high performance. The resulting electric motors should be almost maintenance-free and mechanics should be able to install them without any problems. Furthermore, the engines should be designed in such a way that they fit into various vehicle models. Electric GT is working on powerful electric motors that can also be installed in an old VW bus or a Ford classic like the Mustang, for example. The electric motors are intended to drive the crate engines category to new heights and make modern, environmentally friendly tuning possible. Furthermore, they should represent an alternative to the previous combustion crate engines.

Crate Engine - a small conclusion

A crate engine should be easy to install and lead to an increase in performance or at least a modernization of a car. Crate engines are individually packaged by value and are also available in custom-made versions. Electric GT works on electric motors that look like combustion engines. The electric motors are to be easily integrated into a vehicle as plug-and-play engines and can also be installed by mechanics. An installation in older vehicle models is conceivable. The company too Swindon Powertrains deals with this topic. Classic crate engines come from GM or Ford, for example. GM Performance, for example, has special crate engines available from the performance program that are individually built according to customer requirements. There are also optional gearboxes or other parts & control kits to match. Another well-known crate engine is the 6.2-liter Hellcat complete engine. Such an engine delivers around 700 hp in series production and costs around € 22.000 without add-on parts.

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Tuning 2020 Superformance MKIII R Replika 3 universal engine! This is a so-called crate engine!

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