Tip - crimp tab connectors for your car

Crimp Blade Connector Tuning 4 Tip Crimp Blade Connector for your car


In the car, all parts are constantly exposed to vibrations from the engine and often to shocks. This can easily loosen something, for example a cable connection, or even loosen completely. Especially if you have had problems with loose cables and worn plugs in the past, a way to fix them better can be interesting and effective for you. But of course also if you simply want to install a new sound system in the vehicle or if you are restoring a car and rebuilding it from scratch. A good way to fix and connect cables safely and space-saving Crimp flat plug (crimp connector)like you, for example RS Components can get.

Warning, not for bloody beginners

Crimp Blade Connector Tuning 3 Tip Crimp Blade Connector for your car

However, if you decide to install crimp tabs in your car, you should definitely consider two things: The electronics of modern cars are very complicated and usually represent the most sensitive part of your car. Less complicated, but sometimes very The cables are also sensitive when restoring a classic car. So you have to be extremely careful when dealing with them. If you do not understand anything about this technology, are not sure about it, or have no special talent or skill in dealing with more complex technical devices, you should better avoid it. In such a case, it is better to commission the professionals in the workshop with the installation of your new flat plugs and the laying of the cables. That too crimping cables have to be learned. If you have no experience in this, you shouldn't start experimenting with your car of all things. There are video tutorials on the Internet, but it is better if you can have them shown to you by a friend who is already familiar with them. You may even know someone who has already installed crimp tabs in their car and who will do the installation together with you. This is not only educational, but is often more fun than working alone.

What you should pay attention to during assembly

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As with all work on electrical devices, the same applies to wiring in the car: never work on live cables! So engine and ignition off, disconnect battery and do not switch on again to listen to the radio at work. If you want music to work, take your MP3 player or portable radio to the garage. Under no circumstances should you improvise with the wrong tools. Before you start working, get the crimping pliers that match your plugs. The roll compression geometry is crucial for the cable to hold later and the connector not to be bent during assembly. The first step is to cut and insulate the wires to be crimped. Here you need space and good access to the cable end. This is often difficult in the car. Take some time to expand parts to get better access. Practice the actual crimping beforehand with a wire the same size as the cable. After each crimp, check whether it is properly seated: the flat receptacle must be pressed all the way in, the wire must not protrude at the end and the flat plug must be so tight that you cannot remove it.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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