The little luxury - retrofitting a cup holder in the car!

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Cup holder Can holder Cup holder e1580290392605 The little luxury of retrofitting a cup holder in the car!

If you drive to work in the morning and want to take a cup of coffee or tea with you on the go, you need a cup holder that is not necessarily part of the standard equipment in the vehicle. Cup holders for the driver and front passenger can be found in many modern cars, but the practical storage space in cars is becoming less and less. Depending on the vehicle model, cup holders are also available for the rear seats, but are even rarer here. Older vehicle models often do not have cup holders and do not even have a simple shelf or something similar. However, there is the possibility of retrofitting cup holders in various ways. Some retrofitting options are listed below.

Retrofitting cup holders - how does it work?

Cup holder Can holder Cup holder 2 e1580290510215 The little luxury of retrofitting a cup holder in the car!

If no cup holder is pre-assembled in the car, such an article can also be easily retrofitted. Cup holders are available on the market that can be easily glued to the mixer or the center console. If you do not want to work with an adhesive system, you can also purchase a cup holder, which can be clamped between the pane in the ventilation or on the doorboard, for example. There are also car models, such as the Golf 4, which already offer devices for retrofitting a cup holder. The possibilities are almost limitless and the selection of vehicle-specific cup holders from third-party suppliers is also huge. But the articles can not only be conveniently retrofitted. Existing cup holders can even be optically modified. This is particularly interesting for the tuning scene.

Retrofitting cup holders - identical parts

Cup holder Can holder Cup holder 3 e1580290658947 The little luxury of retrofitting a cup holder in the car!

Model-specific cup holders are available on the market, which are made of Kevlar, GRP or carbon, for example, and are available in various optical variants. For example, a wood-look carbon cup holder for the center console of certain BMW, Audi, Opel, VW or even Mercedes vehicle models can be purchased. The identical parts have the advantage that they are made to fit. Furthermore, they blend in perfectly with the vehicle.

Cup holder - what to look for when buying?

If you want to retrofit a cup holder for your vehicle, you should pay attention to quality and stability. If a cup holder that is a perfect fit can be bought for a certain vehicle type, it is advisable to choose such a model and not a universal can holder. If you have an older vehicle model where there is no type-specific retrofit option, you can fall back on the universal variants. However, the universal cup holder should be able to be securely attached to the car and should be able to carry standard coffee cups stably. Many universal cup holders are made of plastic and are black in color. The plastic should be stable and flawlessly processed. The item should have no sharp edges or chipped plastic parts. The suitability of the cup holder should be stated in the product descriptions. This means whether the article is suitable for cans, bottles, cups or the like, for example. The information on the inner diameter is also helpful.

Modifying the cup holder - what should you watch out for?

Existing cup holders can be optically upgraded or designed more functional. For example, carbon cup holder lids are available for certain vehicle models that offer a special visual look and at the same time stabilize the existing cup holders. There are also mats with a stylish tuning look for drink and cup holders, such as the mat set for Ford Mustang cup holders (carbon). The special modifications contribute to an individual tuning of the vehicle. Countless other ideas such as a holder with a heating function, with a cooling function or a variant with LED lighting are available and compatible for almost every vehicle.

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Cup holder Can holder Cup holder 4 e1580290820940 The little luxury of retrofitting a cup holder in the car!

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