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Accessories from the past - curb sensors for a vintage car

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Curb Feeler curb sensor tuning accessories from back then curb sensor for a classic car

Long before our modern parking aids with sensors and radar waves existed, so-called curb sensors were the ultimate in parking assistance. These aids were often built into more luxurious cars of American origin from the late 1940s and 1950s. For a while there was a real hype about it and every car fan tried to retrofit his car with it. Today, curb sensors are just a design accessory that can be used to spice up an old car and make it more authentic.

Dipstick, curb probe and tail fin

Curb Feeler curb sensor tuning 2 accessories from curb sensors for a classic car

A passive parking aid provides orientation points, with the help of which even a confusing car can be easily parked and parked correctly. In our latitudes, especially on trucks flexible dipsticks, which were screwed to the fenders or the bumpers of the trucks, popular and popular with professional drivers. Was it so maneuvering with the heavy vehicles a breeze. In the passenger car sector instead of the optically not very respectable dipsticks, especially in American cars tailfins were integrated into the body, which not only promised a sensational design, but also served the driver for guidance. But even more useful were the curb sensors, which made the maneuvering and parking easier by a noise. These Curb Feeler experienced their heyday in the 1950 years, where they could not be missed on an expensive car.

on current vehicles rather unusual

Curb Feeler curb sensor tuning 3 accessories from curb sensors for a classic car

Basically, it is a very simple accessory. A thin metal rod was mounted behind the tires on the sill of the car and protruded from there fifteen to thirty inches horizontally or slightly obliquely. In other models, the curb sills were slanted down about thirty-five inches from the front end of the front wheel arch. When the driver parked his car parallel to the curb, these curbside sensors made a scratching sound when touched by the stone. This warned the driver and knew that he had driven his car close enough to the curb. A curb sensor is therefore nothing more than a simple acoustic distance measurement, which works only when it hits a hard object.

Visually striking and like from another time

In our modern times, a parking aid like the curb sensor seems downright anachronistic and of course cannot keep up with electronic systems in any way. Nevertheless, it fits older vehicles from the corresponding era like the “Pünktchen zum i”. A nicely chrome-plated and perfectly mounted curb sensor shows how lovingly and with how much passion a classic car was repaired and restored.

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