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Deactivate exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR unit)!

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Deactivate EGR valve Off exhaust gas recirculation valve tuning e1601369943810 Deactivate exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR unit)!

Deactivating the exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR OFF) is a tuning measure that has a number of advantages. In this article, these advantages are examined in more detail and there is also some general information about the EGR and also with regard to the permissibility of such a deactivation.

What is the EGR?

Deactivate EGR valve Off Exhaust gas recirculation valve tuning 5 1 Deactivate exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR unit)!

Generally speaking, exhaust gas recirculation is there to reduce the emission of so-called nitrogen oxides, which arise during combustion. With a gasoline engine, the main focus is on reducing gasoline consumption, while with a diesel engine, the goal is to reduce emissions. This is accomplished in that the intake air is supplied with a certain part of the burned exhaust gases again, which are then burned again, which then logically leads to fewer exhaust gases. The EGR valve can, however, show a defect after a while (the EGR valve cokes and therefore no longer closes properly), which is noticeable, for example, through increased nitrogen oxide values ​​in the exhaust gases, significantly increased fuel consumption, black smoke from the exhaust, a jerking of the engine when accelerating and the glowing of the yellow engine control lamp. Further disadvantages of active EGR are, for example, very high levels of coking in the intake system, which can be problematic, especially in the long term, as there is a possibility that the ducts can narrow by up to 80% and thus virtually no air more is fed. This is directly related to a reduced power output of the engine. In the worst case, the valves can even be damaged, which in the end would result in major engine damage.

How is the EGR deactivated?

Special Concepts Chiptuning VW Phaeton 3 0tdi V6 4Motion 9 Deactivate exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR unit)!

The activation of the EGR is deactivated either manually or additionally via the software of the engine control unit, depending on the vehicle. If the change is made, the valve is permanently closed and it can also be sealed with a cap adapted to the vehicle. From now on, no errors that can be traced back to the deactivated or a defective EGR unit are stored in the error memory either.

What are the advantages of deactivating the EGR?

In addition to the absence of the negative aspects mentioned above, the deactivation of the EGR also offers some other positive effects. As far as the engine is concerned, there is almost always an improvement in torque and the injectors, the so-called injectors, are no longer so heavily soiled. Furthermore, there is a reduced fuel consumption and the already mentioned coking of the intake system also does not occur because the deactivation of the EGR means that only fresh air is supplied to the system. With a diesel engine, there is an additional positive side effect that the diesel particulate Filter not so sooty and lasts longer.

Is it legal to turn off the EGR?

Although there is a lot to be said for deactivating the EGR technically and for the first time also logically, this measure is unfortunately one serious violation of the StVZO and is therefore illegal. If you still deactivate the EGR of a vehicle and continue to use it on public roads, this can lead to consequences up to the expiry of the general operating license and even a criminal complaint for tax evasion. In any case, trouble is bound to happen.

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