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How can a defective wheel lock be removed?

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Wheel lock wheel nut lock tuning blog How can a defective wheel lock be removed?

A broken one Radschloss Until now, cracking it has been very risky and time-consuming, as the rim is usually even with careful work not without damage gets away with it. In addition, defective wheel locks and lost Release key turn workshop planning upside down. But now various tool sets are providing a long-awaited remedy for the problem. With the multi-part wheel lock remover sets, a Editor theft protection according to the manufacturer in less than 5 minutes quickly and without damage crack. To do this, a hole is made exactly in the middle of the hardened screws using a special drill drilled.

Tools for the professional cost

The tool set usually contains various centering aids made of metal or nylon, which guide the extremely hard special drill exactly, even if the outer casing of the fuse rotates. The centering sleeves can cause major damage to the wheels be prevented. Then a supplied one is inserted into the drilled hole Extractor (Extractor) by a Extractor holder introduced. Then the wheel bolt or the rim lock can be removed. The extractor can often even used several times become. With the help of the extractor remover and the extractor holder, the screw remains that have been drilled out can ultimately be easily removed. However, such a professional set sometimes costs significantly over 200 euros and is therefore more suitable for use in commercial area suitable.

How could laypeople proceed?

The tips are of course always dependent on the condition of the rim lock and the wheel bolt and give no guarantee of success, Also Damage can occur.

  1. Should the bolt still be intact and the problem is with the rim wrench (the nut), find out whether the nut is still available for re-purchase somewhere. For Factory rims with standard rim locks that shouldn't be a problem and also rim locks from third-party can usually be reordered. The manufacturers have a reference to the in their description encoding and the subsequent procurement options are noted.
  2. Much pressure could help! Press with much power the rim lock on the wheel studs and try to turn slowly. Maybe something in advance rust remover Spray between the rim and the wheel hub. It is worth a try.
  3. Also the attempt to close the locking nut on the wheel bolt the kleber, (with metal glue) may be worth a try. Then apply as much axial pressure as possible when loosening.
  4. Before the rim is damaged, the bolt could drilled out become. In the case of aluminum rims, drill a 10-12 mm hole in the bolt (using a special drill) and use a speed cutter Left-hand thread screw in. Then screw in a suitable screw and loosen the bolt. However, there is damage with this technique not excluded.
  5. Bei Steel rims you can also put another screw on the screw welding and then unscrew the bolt. Also with this variant are Damage but not excluded.
  6. Another option is if the lock isn't too much Worn-out is, the friction value by a kind abrasive paste to increase. Due to the grinding paste, some can sometimes without much violence be solved.
  7. The last option would be an old nut to hit the lock. It may also work that way, but damage is still there not excluded.

Another tip: Such wheel locks are allowed to use an impact wrench can not be tightened or loosened.

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