Dent doctor - inexpensive repairs rather than an expensive exchange!

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Manelord Dent paint-free dents repair kit test report experiences tuning blog 8 dent doctor cheap repair as an expensive exchange!

Dents / dents on cars are not only annoying, they also cause high repair costs and reduce the vehicle value. A trip to the “dent doctor” is therefore definitely more recommendable and sensible than repairing the dents on your own. In this article, we'll tell you everything you should know about the subject. For example how much one Repair costs and when it might be worth it even Lend a hand.

Dent doctor - cheap repair

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  1. How does the specialist proceed?
  2. Repair costs and benefits
  3. Mending dents and dents on your own?
  4. Methods for Removing Dents?
  5. DIY - tuning blog dent repair
  6. Don't try that yourself!
  7. What damage does the insurance cover?
  8. Conclusion on the dent doctor
  9. summary information

The dent doctor: Here you can find out how the specialist gets to work!

Dent doctors are the cosmetic surgeons of the vehicles. They are specially trained to prevent small to medium damage to the vehicle, such as Parking dents, Hail damage or Door edge stops to repair, without to have to replace the body or repaint the vehicle. In order to be able to repair even the smallest dent, dent doctors usually have a very expensive one that takes several months VOCATIONAL TRAINING brought behind. After the training they can use the so-called Smart repair method and the use of special tools to make the dents in the body of the vehicle disappear. The abbreviation "SMART“Stands for small Repair work on the car and, when written out, means something like "Small Middle Area Repair Technology". Through this technique, only the affected areas are treated and it occurs keine expensive replacement of vehicle parts. In addition to dents can also Falling rocks on Windshield, Risse in the bumper or small scratch can be eliminated quickly and easily.

Remove dents Dent doctor Smart repair Spot repair Dent doctor cheap repair as an expensive exchange!

The dent doctor doesn't need many different tools for these repairs, but they do costly Utils. One of those tools is one PDR lamp, which costs around 200 euros on average and helps to illuminate the affected area optimally. Also various Mirrors can be used by the dent doctor to detect the dents. There are also different ones lever used, through which the dent doctor gets on the inside of the body around the dents from inside to eliminate. These levers cost around 80 euros on average. But also cheaper helpers like one Glue gun, a Heat gun, a hammer or a Dent removal pin are often used."back

How high are the costs for a repair at the dent doctor and what are the benefits of such a repair?

A repair at the dent doctor doesn't just bring you one time savings, but can also Save money. Due to the professional way of working, the original paint is used should not damaged and repainted should not more needed. You also have to go to the dent doctor for repairs none body parts expanded or replaced will. Such a repair also has its price. For small dents, the dent doctor calculates an average of around 35 Euros. For bumps the size of one Two euro coin are depending on the depth and position between 60 and 100 Euros due. This price is justified, because after the repair, the damage is visible to the naked eye no longer recognizable. You will benefit from this at the latest when you have the car sell would like. But conjure up can the dent doctor too should not and that is why great damage can be done by him too cannot be eliminated. Major damage can only be caused by one classic repair (Filling, painting or new parts) be removed from the world."back

Remove dents Dent doctor Smart Repair Spot Repair 1 e1612958721677 Dent doctor cheap repair as an expensive exchange!

Can dents and bumps be repaired on your own?

However, many motorists want not unnecessary money invest and try to remove dents and bumps Do-it-yourself instructions from the Internet or with the help of Repair kits to mend on your own. Such Dent removal sets are already on the market 15 Euros available and usually contain a Hot glue gun, glue sticks and polishing cloths. High quality repair kits with Slide hammer, Plastic scraper and Pulling units with rubberized heel feet are priced between 100 and 150 Euro already significantly more expensive.

Manelord Dent paint-free dents repair kit test report experiences tuning blog 1 dent doctor cheap repair as an expensive exchange!

Many motorists also try with your household inventory such as one Hairdryer, One rubber hammer or a suction cup Carry out repairs on your own car. But apart from what utensils are available, you can usually only do it yourself especially small and freely accessible dents without kinks Can easily be touched up if you have one quality Have technology and manual skills."back

What methods are there to remove dents?

About dents without the help of a dent doctor There are different techniques for eliminating them. Small dents can be removed by means of suction cupwhich is placed directly on the dent can be removed. The suction cup pulls the pressed sheet metal upwards and the dent due to the force that arises when it is pulled out will be eliminated. Another option is that glue gun. With this, hot glue is applied to a suitable adhesive button and then pressed into the body. When you then pull it out, the dent is also pulled up and in this way remote. With this method, however, the sheet must never be used overstretched will. The sheet can also mean rubber hammer be straightened. You should also make sure that the sheet not overstretched is.

Manelord Dent paint-free dents repair kit test report experiences tuning blog 6 dent doctor cheap repair as an expensive exchange!

To the Chipping To prevent the lacquer, you can go through the area you want to work on beforehand Heat from a blow dryer make it more elastic. But the principle applies that the denting not suitable for beginners and blows with a hammer that are too strong usually cause more harm than good. While professionals always from the bump edge to the middle work and “massage” the damage out of the sheet metal, beginners usually start right away center the bump. In this way, however, even more serious and possibly also irreparable Damage occurs, which can catapult the repair costs into the sky. Weigh that Costs and the required time Starting exactly, you will quickly realize that a repair is self-directed barely is worthwhile. Because in addition to the appearance, that also counts Value retention of the vehicle, which can only be guaranteed through a repair by the dent doctor."back

DIY - tuning blog dent repair

PS: How difficult it is a good result We tried that out right away: Manelord Dent - Paint-free dents repair set under test! "back

These are the types of bumps that you shouldn't try to fix yourself:

Flat dents that should extend over several parts of the car no way be repaired on your own. Even with damaged ones Beads or Multilayer or Metallic paintwork, as well as very the tiefe and pronounced You should keep your hands off dents that have damaged the paint. Also one independent repair from hard-to-reach places, such as on the doors not recommended. Specially on Convertible doors Repairs are extremely difficult and should be left to a professional. Because convertibles have a strengthened passenger cell, which is why you reinforced them all before the dent frame and Striving have to go through. On convertible doors just trying to repair a dent on your own can go too far worse damage on the side window or on the sensors."back

What damage does the insurance company pay for?

Dents on the vehicle are among the "Minor damage“Where there is a settlement through insurance hardly worth it. You can contact the insurance company, but the direct route to the dent doctor is usually this cheaper and needed less time. For example, the dents were through Hagel caused, you have to pay up to the chosen excess bear, the insurance is only liable for the remaining amount, A Downgrade and higher monthly insurance amounts are due to such damage however should not to fear.

Remove dents Dent doctor Smart Repair Spot Repair 1 1 Dent doctor cheap repair than an expensive exchange!

Are the dents from Vandalism or Parking bumps is that coming Fully comprehensive to be carried if the polluter cannot be determined. In this case, however, drivers have to use a Downgrade in the no-claims class and higher calculate monthly insurance amounts. Hence every case should individually and checked in detail. Is the car only liability insurance and if the person who caused the damage cannot be located, you will have to pay the repair cost wear yourself. However, if the bump comes from fallen roof tiles or branches, the respective property owner can bear the costs be held accountableif the insurance obligation has been violated by loose tiles & Co. on the roof. Such an assertion in the event of a dispute can even end in court and usually involves a lot trouble and high costs connected. So in this special case too, the way to the dent doctor is the simpler ones and cheaper Solution."back

Conclusion to the dent doctor!

Our conclusion: Dents on the car can either be done independently or directly by a professional Fixed become. For small and unproblematic dents are usually enough a little talent and experience. Bigger ones Repair work should, however, be left to the professional. A repair at the dent doctor is right compared to other repairs on the vehicle favorable and worthwhile, although prices and quality can fluctuate. We advise you to get one from well-known and experienced companies Cost estimate to have it checked and only then to have a repair carried out."back

Summary information about the dent doctor:

  • Dent doctors usually work with qualified partner companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Working method is also called Smart repair or Spot repair bezeichnet.
  • Suitable around Dents, scratches, stone chips or damaged alloy wheels (Curb scratches) to repair.
  • More clear price advantage compared to conventional repair methods.
  • Often the dent or the paintwork can be damaged without the replacement of the component can be processed in a targeted manner. Painting and filling work or new components are avoided.
  • Savings of up to 75% are possible.
  • Hail damage can possibly completely without the exchange removed from components.
  • "Smart Repair" - happens with the help of special procedures.
  • With professional execution, the value of the car should not diminished.
  • Repair costs vary according to the damage and workshop between 50 and 120 Euros. Larger bumps / dents, which also have to be filled and painted by the dent doctor, come to about 300 until 500 Euros.
  • Dents bulge yourself usually only works with small dents and only with the right tools and a lot of experience."back

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