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Does the diesel engine die? Stuttering, nailing, jerking - the symptoms!

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Threatening an expensive one Repair or even a engine failurewhen the diesel engine after starting jerks and nails but runs smoothly again after a while? This question can often not be answered simply by reading out the fault memory in the engine control unit. But it is precisely these symptoms that indicate typical clinical picture from diesel engines down. Most of them are injectors the diesel engines triggered the problem. Whether there is a deficiency can be determined by the Return volume be determined, if this is too high, everything points to a worn injector. A worn or clogged injector can become a noticeable problem power loss to lead. Subsequently, it can be caused by the worse combustion also to one added particle filter come. The worst case scenario, however, would be a write-off of the engine, which quickly costs several thousand euros caused.

Symptoms of an ailing diesel

The most well-known diseases of diesel engines include one uneven engine running also Cylinder misfire, a bad one start behavior or even a Start failure and a powerful one Nail. There are also a repeated regeneration, which constipation of the particulate filter or a automatic Switch typical warning signs for emergency operation. If also a clear one power loss is recognizable and the Engine control lamp (MKL) lights up, you should visit your mechanic as soon as possible.

Diesel particle filter cleaning Control lamp 1 Is the diesel engine dying? Stuttering, nailing, jerking the symptoms!

If you're lucky, the signs may just be from sooty injectors have been triggered. A thorough cleaning may be able to solve the problem in this case. Good service in a workshop basically offers this Cleaning or repair of the company Pump and injectors by default. Both old injection systems can be used 180 Bar, as well as the most modern high pressure pumps with up to 2.500 Bar to be repaired. For this purpose, the injectors and the pumps are mostly in the workshop expanded and on Diesel experts sent or directly through Replacement components replaced. The experts are the Actual values checked and documented according to the manufacturer's specifications. When a repair is profitable, the worn parts can usually be easily replaced.

For the repair you have to pay between, depending on the type and defect 150 and 300 Euros for modern injectors, as well as with approximately 250 to 700 Euros for Injection pumps expected. For comparison: A new OEM injection pump (R8443b555e 40409b) for an Opel Astra F 1.7 D would cost far more and with 1.451 Euros A replacement injection pump is also significantly more expensive than a repair at 740 euros. The average cost of an injector is around 600 Euros.


How to keep your diesel engine healthy:

These tips can help you extend the life of your diesel engine and keep it fit:

  • Take care of the in good time (within the given intervals) Change of filters.
  • Try to Short trips avoid as much as possible.
  • If the car is not going to be driven for a long time, then you should first Premium diesel fill up or at least add suitable additives.
  • Always refuel at the petrol pump and not from canisters, otherwise foreign objects could get into the fuel.
  • Forget about engine tuning.
  • Never leave the car standing for too long, otherwise there is a risk of resinification.
  • Always run the engine warm and avoid speeds with a cold engine from via 2.000 rpm.
  • Always complete regeneration drives when the on-board computer indicates it.

typical defects in diesel engines

  • A typical defect in a high pressure pump would be a worn-in roller tappet. Mostly is a improperly vented fuel system the cause that the roller has twisted.
  • If the Worn pump piston and shows signs of running in, then even a small amount of damage can lead to considerable impairment.
  • If the cam meets the unit injector and the injector works its way into the cylinder head due to the tilting moment, and causes bare spots, this can happen at these spots Fuel leak.
  • If the drive shaft of the high pressure pump due to lack of lubrication sheared off there is a risk of damage. The most common cause of this problem is refueling with the wrong fuel.

Diesel injectors defective Engine damage Will the diesel engine die? Stuttering, nailing, jerking the symptoms!

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