How do the fuels diesel B0 and B7 differ?

Of course, most car owners know the difference between diesel and petrol. If you drive someone else's vehicle, you can often find a reference to the right fuel in the tank cap. But which of the different diesel or petrol variants is the right one? When filling up a car, you often have a choice between standard and premium fuel. There are also different types of fuel, such as Super E5 or the cheaper organic version E10. In the case of diesel, this is the reference to B0 or ​​B7. The difference lies in the proportion of bio fuel. The Bio-Benzin Super E5 has been available since 2010 and the resource-saving Bio-Diesel B7 since 2009.

Fuels Diesel B0 and B7

The letter B and the number refer to the proportion of biofuel in the fuel. The biodiesel is produced from renewable sources such as agricultural waste and can therefore reduce CO₂ emissions and pollute less drinking water. So B7 contains 7% biodiesel. In comparison, B0 diesel is without bio-additives and is suitable for the toughest conditions, since it can be used at low temperatures down to -28° C and delivers more power with less consumption. These properties are particularly important in the construction industry and in agriculture.

B7 is about 10 cents cheaper

Although B7 is about 10 cents cheaper, B0 is better suited for extreme conditions. On the taps you will often find an indication of which diesel it is. The B7 mixture of fuel and biodiesel is safe for any car. Despite this, it is important for car owners to change engine oil regularly, as the added biofuel can affect the oil's ability to lubricate the engine. However, if you respect the inspection intervals, there is no need to worry.

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