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Frozen diesel filter? The information simply and briefly explained!

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Frozen diesel filter? The information simply and briefly explained!

Is the diesel filter frozen? Then the engine stops! We have summarized everything you should know about the subject in a compact form. Yes, first an overview with the most important information. What is the function of the diesel filter? The diesel filter ensures that there is no dirt in the fuel on its way from the tank to the engine. Diesel has certain chemical properties due to which it freezes at very low temperatures around freezing Paraffin crystals, i.e. wax forms. This wax ensures that the diesel becomes flaky and the diesel filter clogged by these flakes. The phenomenon is also called jelly known. The result is that the clogged filter blocks the path from diesel fuel to the engine blocked. The fuel no longer reaches the engine in sufficient quantities or, in the worst case, not at all. The engine then no longer starts. The worst that can happen is that while driving the diesel filter is iced up. When the engine runs out of fuel, it shuts off while driving. This is a rare extreme case and it is important to avoid it at all costs.

How do you act when the diesel filter is frozen?

Frozen diesel filter? The information simply and briefly explained!

In Germany, too, it can happen in winter that temperatures drop well into the double-digit range below zero. temperatures from -20 to -25 degrees are rare, but not impossible. In many vehicles, the position of the diesel filter is unfavorable on the underbody. Unfavorable because there no protection from the cold and the filter is often the first part to start freezing. Those who drive very little are particularly affected. If the vehicle is not moved for a long period of time, the fuel will run out not as with the frequent driver regularly with "warmed up" and over the fuel return is returned to the tank.

labor and costs

When the diesel filter freezes, the car usually won't start. Then there should definitely be one towing service take the vehicle to a workshop. If the car still drives reasonably well - even if it is rough or in emergency mode - and there is a workshop in the immediate vicinity, you can still take it there yourself. Experts will first check the dirty diesel filter remove and replace. After that, the mechanics will pump out the flocculated fuel and through so-called Winter diesel substitute. The new diesel fuel is then usually given special additives added so that there is no longer a clogged diesel filter.

Frozen diesel filter? The information simply and briefly explained!

Depending on the vehicle type, the material costs are between 30 and 150 euros. But it should be noted that workload for pumping out the old diesel. The workload is usually between one and a half and two hours. If you assume a typical hourly rate of 100 euros, the costs amount to a maximum of 200 euros. Plus must the disposal of the old fuel have to be paid. That can be up to 100, - Euro costs. And the new fuel also costs money (80 to 100 €). If towing is not free through membership of a traffic club, then there are additional costs of around approx 250, - Euro (depending on route / time of day). In the worst case, the total costs can therefore amount to around 500 to 700 Euro amount.

prevent freezing

It will definitely help if the car is in a Garage is turned off. And special diesel fuel also helps. In winter, the diesel in Germany is mixed with additives. This Winter diesel is available from November. The best method is to run the summer diesel completely empty. After that should only Winter diesel to be fueled. If this is not possible, appropriate additives should be added to the fuel each time you fill up. For an optimal effect, this should be the latest from temperatures of 0 degrees Celsius respectively. However, such an addition costs around per tank of fuel 5 to 15 euros. If the vehicle is not driven much, then the change should be made manually. To do this, pump out the summer diesel and top up with winter diesel.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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Frozen diesel filter? The information simply and briefly explained!

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Frozen diesel filter? The information simply and briefly explained!

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Frozen diesel filter? The information simply and briefly explained!

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