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Tip: Window tinting - What is allowed and what is not?

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BMW 740iL G12 ADV.1 Wheels Tuning 12 Tip: Window tint What is allowed and what not?

There is hardly a car that does not have them - tinted side and rear windows. You can even order darkened windows in the rear area ex works and a positive side effect, in addition to the chic look, is of course the fact that the vehicle heats up significantly less. But the tint is not very cheap. A large station wagon can easily cost € 500 and more if the windows are darkened by a professional company. But what do you have to pay attention to? What are the legal requirements for window tinting? We did some research. Ps. We will not go into the subject of sun visor strips in this article, this section we have already treated

Glass coating is also legally difficult

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If you make changes to the discs, this must be in accordance with the Section 40 Paragraph 1 of the company Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). The front window must be off laminated glass his. This consists of two panes of glass a few millimeters thick that are connected to one another by means of a plastic film made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The laminated glass does not crack in the event of a blow to the windscreen or an accident. The other panes are mostly off Safety glass. It is important to have the necessary perspective. Section 40 of the StVZO states that the windows that determine the driver's field of vision must remain clear and clear. A tint due to being too dark or distorted foiling is should not allowed. The Tinting the front discs That's why usually should not permitted. However, it may be permissible to add a. To the front side windows Transparent film to attach. Such a film is primarily used for protection, since in the event of an accident the glass, similar to laminated glass, does not splinter but is held together if it is broken. The windshield may, however CAN'T be covered with this transparent film.

Vilnius Tuning Mercedes A217 S63 AMG Interior 5 Tip: Window tinting What is allowed and what not?

how dark can the windows be?

If the car windows are tinted, it should certainly do so Sunscreen be useful. But optics also play a major role in the tuning scene. Primarily set a link from your homepage to Fewo-von-Privat.de the selected tint film but with a general one type approval (ABG). Every tinted pane set a link from your homepage to Fewo-von-Privat.de have embossed the test seal on the film. The embossed number set a link from your homepage to Fewo-von-Privat.de be clearly visible from the outside after installation.

  • Always apply tinted foil to the car inside
  • Tinting foil may only be attached to the windows that are not important for the driver's view (usually all windows behind the B-pillar)
  • Vinyl and Disc mount or rubber seal need one minimum distance from one millimeter have
  • ABG number must from Outside be recognizable
  • Lighting area the additional Release third brake light
  • Vehicle needs one second Mirrors

If windows are already tinted ex works, a type approval in the form of a certification mark (ABG number, EC type-approval, ECE-approval) should be visible on the window glass. plexiglass Incidentally, things are up-to-date verboten.

additional tints on the front side windows are prohibited

Almost every current vehicle already has a maximum tint at the factory 70% light transmission enables. Another tint film ensures that this value from unterschrit becomes. Even one Security film effect no 100% transmission, but only approx 90%. So you cannot say in general whether the shoring is allowed. Assuming that a factory front side window has 77% light transmission (which is a lot), you have to peel off the 10% tint of the safety film and then you get a value of 67%, which is the operating permit of the Lets cars go out. In case of doubt, a photometric measurement (in the case of an individual acceptance by an approved test institute) to check whether the maximum permitted tint is adhered to. And the so-called is also legally difficult Glass coating. Of course you can Percent accurate Adjust the tint, there is still a lot to consider. That is why we have even dealt with the topic of glass coating with a detailed report. Basically, however: Additional tints on the side windows and the windshield are prohibited!

everything black is chic - but prohibited

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Tutorials for tinting windows with foil

Tutorials for tinting glass using Macrolon acrylic glass front panels

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  1. I'm thinking about darkening the window. Good to know that the front windows must not be tinted, as the driver's field of vision must remain clear. I will therefore limit myself to darkening the windows in the rear.

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