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current collector double safety plug stromdieb 2 1 Practical option for accessories for the current collector!

If you want to connect additional electrical devices to the circuit of the car, you often use one 12-volt connection or a 24 volt connection, if available. But if the existing connections are occupied and additional devices are to be connected, then a quick alternative is required. One way to get an additional connection in the car and for example daytime running lights retrofitting is the so-called Security Doppelstecker for the vehicle. Such a connector is also known as a flat fuse adapter and is available in specific versions. The following explains what should be considered when buying a safety double connector for the car.

Safety double plug - tuning option

Retrofit daytime running lights information Practical option for accessories for current collectors!

The safety double plug for the vehicle is, as already mentioned, also as a flat fuse adapter or as electricity thief designated. The item has a branch holder and is usually integrated in the fuse box of the car. The junction holder creates a possibility for another consumer in the vehicle to protect it, and the power source is also included. This means that additional devices can be connected that are conveniently coupled to the ignition plus, for example. Flat fuse adapters are available from various manufacturers and should be purchased with a sufficiently long branch holder. Variants with a 10-centimeter cable or more are available on the market, for example.

Safety double plugs - how are they installed?

Current collector safety double plug current thief 2 e1578898783166 Practical possibility for accessories of the current collector!

The installation of the flat fuse adapters for additional voltage tapping is comparatively simple. The articles are put into the fuse box and replace the existing fuse. The old fuse must of course be removed from the fuse box beforehand. The fuse is then inserted into an additional holder (item 1) and the safety double plug can then be clicked into the original slot of the fuse. This is necessary to continue protecting the circuit. An additional fuse can be found in the upper slot. This is to protect the consumer that is connected to the flat fuse adapter. The installation and installation of safety double plugs can also be carried out by laypersons, but there are doubts, experts should be consulted.

Voltage tap - what to look for when buying?

In general, a fuse adapter should have a long enough cable to comfortably connect another consumer. The tuning enthusiast should also pay attention to the performance characteristics of the article. Such fuse adapters for voltage tapping are usually available with 10 amp fuses and can, for example, be equipped with a 10 centimeter cable. However, it should definitely be noted that the new consumer naturally places a higher load on the existing cables in the vehicle. It is therefore important to check beforehand how heavy the load is and whether the existing lines can handle the additional load.

current collector safety double plug stromdieb 1 Practical option for accessories for the current collector!

Safety double plugs - what are they for?

The fuse adapters for the voltage tap are integrated into an existing circuit and are equipped with a longer cable. It is possible to connect an additional consumer via the line or the line branch. In cars, for example, this can be an LED daytime running light or a device for the interior. This can be quickly connected using a safety double plug with voltage tap. The flat fuse adapter also enables a device to be connected directly to the ignition plus in the fuse box. The adapters are a safe option for a voltage tap, because the necessary protection of the circuit already installed in the car is not impaired. The installed circuit is also securely installed. The prerequisite is, of course, that the safety double connector is installed properly. It is therefore important that the fuse adapter for the voltage tap is of high quality and has the appropriate technical requirements.

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