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Drag Racing - Acceleration race more popular!

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McLaren 720S vs. Ford Mustang GT Drag Race Drag racing acceleration race more popular!

A drag race, or in German acceleration race, is a race that is usually held between two cars, in which the aim is to accelerate as quickly as possible on a straight route from a standing start. The standard racing distances are a quarter mile or an eighth of a mile, but other distances are also possible. And apart from the car, motorcycles, trucks, buses, bicycles etc. can also compete in a duel with like-minded people.

History of the popular race

Drag Race RS3 Civic Type R Golf R A45 Focus RS 4 Drag Racing Acceleration race more popular!

If you tune your car to speed, you usually want to show what it's capable of. This is especially true if the neighbor also has a tuned car, because then the question automatically arises which vehicle is faster. Car races on public roads (so-called street races) are dangerous and therefore prohibited in almost all countries in the world. But among young people, and especially in the US, breaking the law is more cool. So the illegal races in America became youth fashion after World War II. In order to give the “kids” a somewhat more secure outlet for racing, official races were held on their own racetracks from 2 onwards. GIs stationed in Europe also brought the new sport to Germany, but the USA remains the stronghold of drag racing to this day. It is a real national sport there that attracts young and old to small and large events, like football does with us.

Variants and disciplines

Drag Race RS3 Civic Type R Golf R A45 Focus RS 6 Drag Racing Acceleration race more popular!

If you want to race your car yourself without breaking the law, that's no problem at all. There are numerous amateur classes in drag racing, including normal street-legal cars. But even among the amateurs there are already some with racing cars specially designed for drag racing that are not allowed on the road. There are also professional classes with their own championships. Before the race, the engine and the tires are briefly revved up with a 'burnout' to preheat them. Then the drivers take their starting positions in 'staging'. Traditionally, the races are mostly held over a distance of a quarter mile. This results from the fact that in America distances are measured in miles and not in kilometers, as is the case here, and drag racing was invented in America. The eighth mile is therefore common for short-distance races. In the meantime, however, races over the distance of 1.000,00 feet are also becoming increasingly popular. This is about three quarters of a quarter mile and was probably chosen because it is a nice round number. However, the main reason for the shortening was the safety concerns of organizers. In the Top Fuel Racers and Funny Cars classes, the 1.000,00 feet have since established themselves as the standard. Longer distances are not common in drag racing. However, they would also make little sense, since drag races are primarily about showing how quickly the car accelerates from a standstill.

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