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A weak point in tuning - the drive shaft!

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Drive shafts PTO shaft Side shaft e1578290928164 A weak point in tuning the drive shaft!

Drive shafts can be found in all motor vehicles and they are essential for power transmission to the wheels. A drive shaft is part of the drive train and ensures the transmission of the drive power from the transmission to the wheel. Drive shafts are available in many versions and can be purchased to fit the desired vehicle. but tuned vehicles may need different drive shafts. For example, was a Chiptuning installed and another one Air Intake System as well as new ones turbocharger, you can from a clear Performance increase run out. In this case, the drive shafts installed at the factory should surrender very soon, especially for front-wheel drive vehicles. Then, at the latest, reinforced drive shafts have to be available in order to enjoy the additional power over the long term. The topic of the drive shaft for the tuning area is discussed in more detail below.

Not to be confused with cardan shaft

Carbon cardan shaft tuning aluminum 3 A weak point in tuning the drive shaft!

Drive shafts are articulated to follow steering and deflection movements. A drive shaft can therefore also be referred to as a cardan shaft. If wheels are steered, so-called homokinetic cardan shafts are used. Drive shafts mostly have rubber or TPE sleeves. There is usually a greasy substance in the cuffs and the cuffs are pulled over the joints to protect them. For example, while the drive shaft can be a homokinetic drive shaft, the drive shaft is propeller shaft a non-homokinetic cardan shaft.

Drive shaft - how is it constructed?

Drive shafts PTO shaft Side shaft 2 e1578290983963 A weak point in tuning the drive shaft!

The drive shaft has a constant velocity joint that is located on an axle journal. The axle journal is arranged on the wheel side. The drive shaft joint is necessary to enable the wheel to turn. The joint is usually omitted in the rear-wheel drive. A drive shaft usually has a constant velocity joint. The joint that is installed on the gearbox side can absorb axial displacements. The joint that is installed on the wheel side is referred to as the so-called fixed joint. The fixed joint cannot compensate for changes in length. The sleeves of the drive shaft joints must be checked regularly during maintenance. If the cuffs are porous or already have cracks, they should be replaced quickly. If axle drives tear off while driving, this can lead to enormous damage to the vehicle. As a rule, the drive shafts are designed for durability if everything corresponds to the series. However, damage to the drive shafts can occur if the sleeves are no longer in order or if the performance has been increased. But too extreme a lowering can cause damage. Here, too, it may be necessary to switch to a modified drive shaft.

Tuning the drive shaft with a lot of power

If the car is lowered significantly, then the drive shaft should also be tuned. Drive shafts for the tuning area are of high quality and are offered according to the vehicle type. The articles are made of qualitative materials and adapted to the needs of the changed chassis or the increased engine power. The tuning of the drive shaft can also be necessary if a all wheel drive is installed or the car receives a new transmission. The old motor vehicle parts then generally no longer fit and must be replaced by suitable articles that correspond to the respective tuning and vehicle. When buying new drive shafts, the vehicle type in particular must be considered. In retail, the product descriptions state exactly which vehicle types the individual items are suitable for. In the case of modified drive shafts, it is also indicated whether it is a weaker, stronger, shorter or longer joint set variant compared to the factory-installed variant. If you are not sure which PTO shaft is suitable, you should contact an experienced specialist or tuning workshop. Experienced tuning workshop employees are familiar with other tuning conversions, such as lowering, and can carry out the conversion work.

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Drive shafts PTO shaft Side shaft 3 e1578291120359 A weak point in tuning the drive shaft!

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Zerrei% C3% 9Fprobe Tug Of War tug of war car 310x165 A weak point in tuning the drive shaft!

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Runflat run-flat tires 4 1 310x165 A weak point in tuning the drive shaft!

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K% C3% BCool hose tuning K% C3% BChl hose 2 e1578140582559 310x165 A weak point in tuning the drive shaft!

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