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The shelf life of gasoline and diesel

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By Corona pandemic oil prices have come under severe pressure in the last year. The economy had to shut down and a lot of cars are up stopped and thus not only did the demand for gasoline drop at the gas stations, but also the price of fuel plummeted. Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing the opposite and the prices attract extremely. Still, diesel and gasoline prices were cheaper for a while than they had been for a long time. But now another question arises: How long have gasoline or diesel been in the tank? durablewhen the car is not used for a long period of time? In this article, we will provide you with the right answers to these and other questions. We also reveal what you can do with the Storage of petrol or diesel in canisters must pay attention to.

Information: shelf life of gasoline

How long gasoline durable is influenced by many different factors. Therefore also can no exact best before date be determined. In airtight metal canisters, however, gasoline can be ideally stored and will last over many years or, depending on the composition, over several decades. But one thing is essential airtight Storage. However, airtight storage is in the tanks of cars, motorcycles or trucks can not be possible. Depending on the composition of the gasoline and the nature of the tank, you can flammable substances and octane number escape. In addition, she suffers too Quality of the fuel under extended storage in the tank.

old gasoline fuel shelf life The shelf life of gasoline and diesel

If you have very old fuel in the tank because you haven't driven the car for a long time, the engine may also does not start. Generally there is gasoline in the tank just 1 to 2 months durable before it loses quality. However, it cannot be precisely determined whether old fuel is also harmful to the engine. Therefore, the gasoline should be in the tank after 2 to 3 months at the latest used or refilled. If you are traveling less by car, it is better to do so accordingly less gasoline to refuel.

Information: durability of diesel

Unlike gasoline, diesel is even with airtight storage only at the very most Shelf life for six months. The reason for this are bacteria, which are in the biodiesel part. These decompose the carbon in diesel and lead to the formation of some kind of mud. This sludge can corrode the tank and the engine's fuel system clog. In the tank shortened the shelf life extends even further. Because of this, diesel should be in the tank after 2 to 3 months at the latest be refilled.

old diesel fuel shelf life The shelf life of gasoline and diesel

Information: Storage of fuel

No matter where you store fuel, from one too long storage you should always refrain. With the storage of the fuel, not only does that increase security risk, but also the Quality of fuel suffers. However, they should be storing fuel havethen pull Metal canister plastic canisters are essential.

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Information: Transportation of fuel by car

You can use a spare canister in the car up to 60 liters of petrol when the canister has the Guidelines the reserve fuel canister approval (RKK) is sufficient. Such canisters don't just have to airtight, but also firmly lockable and shatterproof be. In general, however, we recommend you never more than 10 liters of fuel to be stored in the car. In addition, the reserve canister in the car should be kept as far away from the driver as possible remote to store. If you are traveling abroad, it is essential that you find out about the guidelines for transporting fuel that apply there. Namely, in many countries only 10 liters be taken along, while in some countries it is necessary to take fuel with you is generally prohibited. In addition, the transport of fuel on ferries is strict verboten.

petrol cans in the trunk The durability of petrol and diesel

Information: storage of fuel in the garage

Allowed in a small garage a maximum of 20 liters of petrol be stored. Since diesel, in contrast to gasoline, is not as flammable, small garages are actually allowed in Germany up to 200 liters of diesel be stored. Due to the low durability of diesel and the vapors that can escape during storage, however, storing so much diesel hardly makes sense. Make sure to also take a look at your rental agreement, as some rental agreements generally cover the storage of fuel exclude. If storage is not excluded, storage of maximum 20 liters allowed. However, this amount refers to the entire basement area and not just on your own basement.

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