E-car battery care: tips for a longer battery life!

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Hofele Design Mercedes Benz HEQC N 293 Tuning 13 E Car battery care: Tips for a longer battery life!

Like any other battery, the batteries of the electric car lose over time capacity. We therefore have a few tips that might keep your battery alive longer. Everyone knows it from their own smartphone or the LED lighting on their bikes. Over time, the battery doesn't last as long as it did at the beginning. The capacity drops and the battery loses part of its performance. The reason for this lies in the chemical compounds, so-called dendrites, which attach to the lithium of the electrode and over time the Make it harder to build up tension.

This process is inevitable, at least with the current state of the art. Most electric cars rely on powerful yet compact ones Lithium-ion batterieswhich should last for at least 1.000 charging cycles and 100.000 kilometers. Because the car is usually not driven completely empty and the load is often in the middle takes place, the batteries actually last much longer in reality. To counteract the slow decline in battery performance, we have summarized a few tips & tricks for electric car owners.

E-car battery care

StoreDot Lithium Ion Battery Charging E Car Battery Care: Tips for a Longer Battery Life!

  1. Strong acceleration damages the battery, so drive with foresight, especially if the battery is cold
  2. As possible little fast charging. With a gentle, slower battery conditioning charge (Balancing / snoring charge) you save the expensive battery of your electric car all night long. For many models there are apps that can be used to program the charging process so that, for example, the desired charge level is only reached shortly before departure.
  3. If the Stromer is not used for a long period of time, a medium battery level getting produced. This means that the battery does not mind longer breaks. If possible, check the charge level regularly.
  4. Only fully charge the battery when a long journey is pending and you really need all of the capacity. In the best case, the charge level is kept between 20 and 80%.
  5. A fully charged battery should can be used promptly.
  6. Avoid one Deep discharge the battery. If the charge level rarely falls below 15-20%, this saves the battery
  7. Reduce temperature fluctuations. An electric car works best between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. It is therefore best to park in the shade in summer and in a garage in winter. In order to reduce the load on the battery in winter, it should be charged immediately after the journey, as the battery then does not cool down as quickly.
  8. Only give your electric car to a workshop with experienced staff; not every fitter is trained in the high-voltage systems of e-cars.
  9. hold the Service intervals a. In this way you guarantee the smooth functioning of the technology. However, this is no longer necessary for every manufacturer. Tesla, for example, has abolished the fixed service intervals and imports software updates centrally, usually only the brake fluid is exchanged.
  10. Make use of the battery not as an energy store. With a photovoltaic system, excess energy can be stored in an electric car, for example, and retrieved when required. However, this bidirectional charging costs battery life.

Of course it will be difficult and not always possible follow these tips at all times. But if you pay attention to the most important ones whenever possible, the battery of your electric car will keep its capacity much longer.

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