E-cigarette in the car: charge and use correctly!

Charge an e cigarette in the car e1637211839386 E cigarette in the car: charge and use it correctly!


Today it is hard to imagine society without the e-cigarette. Of course, it also plays a role on shorter or longer car journeys. But such an e-cigarette doesn't last forever. She needs to be regular to be charged. If you are traveling by vehicle, you have to do it directly in the car. But what options are there to get your steamer in the vehicle quickly and efficiently to charge? And what should you pay attention to in general?

Charging in the vehicle

In principle, general tips and rules should be followed in order not to unnecessarily strain the battery of the e-cigarette. It makes sense, for example, not to completely empty the battery capacity. A leftover of approx. 15% is enough to save the battery. In addition, the e-cigarette or the battery should always be in the temperature range of approx. 10-30 C ° be stored. It is therefore advisable to use your device, especially in winter and on hot summer days should not left in the vehicle.

What charging options are there in the car?

The simplest method is basically charging via USB. All you need is a working cigarette lighter and a USB adapter (and of course the included charging cable for the e-cigarette). During longer journeys you can bring your device back to full capacity. If the car is at a standstill or the engine is not running, then you should forego this option, otherwise you run the risk of draining the car battery.

Using the e cigarette car charging E cigarette in the car: charge and use correctly!

Modern vehicles often have the option of various batteries (smartphone, etc.) by induction to charge. If the e-cigarette is also suitable for this, this represents a further sensible and at the same time gentle option. Alternatively, you can of course also simply use one Power Bank Take it with you in the car and charge the e-cigarette via USB. If you are not in the vehicle for a short time, the device can of course still be charged (insofar as the vehicle makes it possible). Here, too, you should still pay attention to the heat and cold effects of the outside temperature and also to the aspect that you is not absent for too long.

General tips for vaping in the vehicle!

Basically, the use of the e-cigarette is in the car allowed. However, there are a few things to keep in mind for safe use. Before driving, you should make sure that there is enough liquid and battery capacity in the device. Swapping and fiddling while driving endangers concentration and thus the entire road traffic. So one should refrain from doing it!

If there are other occupants on the way, you should of course be considerate and make sure that nobody is against the use of the steamer. Be careful with rental cars! For the most part, it will stop using the e-cigarette not allowed. If you violate these rules, a cleaning fee may be due.

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Charge the e cigarette in the car Use the e cigarette in the car: charge and use it correctly!

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