Current developments in the automotive market: E-SUVs are particularly popular!

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E-cars are becoming more and more popular around the world and on the German automotive market: The number of new registrations of electrically powered vehicles is increasing every year, which is not the case in the entire automotive market. E-SUVs are particularly popular, although more compact and economical models in this vehicle class are now coming onto the market.

Current developments in the e-car market

The international shortage of chips continued to have a negative impact on the auto industry in 2022: it was unable to keep up with all car purchases and delivered fewer vehicles than were ordered. While the entire automotive market in Germany recorded a decline in sales, the lack of chips only had a minor impact on electromobility. The industry service for electromobility states that in December 2022 a new record was set for new registrations of electrically powered vehicles. According to this, around 2022 electric cars were newly registered in the last month of 104.000. In total, around 2022 new cars with purely electric drives came onto the roads in 470.000 - an increase of 32,2% compared to 2021. There were also around 362.000 new plug-in hybrids, 11,3% more than in the previous year. The market share of purely electric new cars was 2022% in 17,7, and that of plug-in hybrids was 13,7%.

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Laut ADAC At the end of December 2022, a total of 115 purely electrically powered vehicle series were on the market. There are also around 40 other models that have already been officially announced. The already large selection of e-SUVs continues to grow, but some new e-micro and small cars will also be available in the near future. The range of e-combis, on the other hand, is still manageable and is growing less rapidly than that of other vehicle classes. Overall, a true upheaval can be observed in the automotive sector. In addition to Chinese manufacturers, companies from countries that are hardly known as car nations, such as Vietnam or Turkey, are bringing new e-cars onto the European market.

What makes e-SUVs so popular?

SUVs are by far the most popular vehicle type in the field of e-mobility: according toE-Mobility Report 2022″ of the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) a total of 2022 different electric car models were offered in Germany from January to September 73. 28 of these models were electric SUVs, while there were only 21 models in the small and compact car segment. The situation is similar with new registrations: 44% of these are e-SUVs, while only 41% are micro, small and compact cars combined. Overall, SUVs are also very popular in Germany, accounting for around 25% of new registrations.

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From the point of view of automotive companies, the electrification of SUVs is particularly worthwhile: the batteries for the electric drive still take up a lot of space. While no adjustments are required for SUVs, vehicles in other classes usually have to be set higher or have to be redesigned at great expense so that there is space for the large batteries. Furthermore, batteries are an expensive component, which is why installing them in higher-priced car models is more worthwhile due to the profit that can be made.
SUVs are particularly popular with customers because of their sense of security and comfort. On the other hand, larger and heavier vehicles require more energy than small cars. It is therefore questionable whether they are actually sustainable, primarily in the case of very large plug-in SUVs, since these can mostly only cover short distances fully electrically.

However, the term "SUV" is not uniformly defined, which is why not only very large vehicles over 5 meters long but also more compact models belong to the SUV category. An example of the latter is the clever #1. Thanks to its unladen weight of less than two tons, this almost 4,30 m long e-SUV is significantly lighter and more economical than some e-SUVs from other manufacturers. Likewise, the resource consumption in the production of cars of this size is lower than for large electrically powered SUVs. Vehicles of this type thus combine the advantages of an SUV with aspects of sustainability.

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