Electric car tuning is much more than just FFF!

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Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Kit with Adros Tuning Kit 17

When it comes to tuning electric cars and plug-in hybrids, apart from "FFF“ Completely different things in focus. An attractive design is undoubtedly important in the E range as well, but it is also used in other areas modifications thought. So is e-tuning as new as modern automobiles themselves? Absolutely not, because numerous refinement strategies differ hardly or not at all of those on petrol and diesel engines. FFF: Rims, landing gear and foiling are also the means of choice for vehicles with batteries on board, if individualization is in focus. Instead of wild designs that are often copied from motorsport, range skidders like to put on aero rims with an optimized design.

Electric car tuning

TECHART 3D Configurator For Taycan 01

TÜV Austria is quoted as follows: "Wind tunnel tests speak through up to double-digit CW coefficient improvements disc wheel effects.However, the load capacity of the tires and rims is important, since e-cars usually have higher axle loads. Enough theory: what do the providers do? At Techart, it was decided that something like that Porsche Taycan to dedicate. The available aerodynamic package brings one Carbon front spoiler, a suitable one splinter and a clip in the middle of the front apron on the Taycan. Depending on the front fairing (series or sports design), air curtains carbon fiber used. The popular material can also be found on the side: sills, screens for the outside mirrors and that window triangle are made of carbon fiber. The relies on the standard kinematics Rear spoiler made of carbon, and also the diffuser is optically improved. And where the brand lettering would normally be seen, they now rise three-dimensional shaped techart letters made of acrylic glass. Both for the Sport sedan as well as the Cross Turismo Edition there is the tuning program.

Including formula one shine

As a reminder of Honda Racing and Red Bull's victory in the 1 Formula 2021 season, Innovate Composites understands his Widebody kit for the Honda E. The performance (max. 154 hp) is not changed, but the 3,9-meter Japanese looks as if he could move mountains - or at least climb them at high speed. A lower and wider stand included Semi-slicks under really fat cheeks is just as much part of the tuning concept as the befitting Red Bull outfit. And a powerful one too diffuser as well as a fat one rear spoiler represent an upgrade for the street racer. Bottom line: Optical tuning, as it is in the book, and better driving behavior (but without performance cure).

A must: the lowering!

Adaptive KW coilover kit Cupra Born K1 1

The company KW Automotive started early with the Electric car lowering began. In the meantime, the manually adjustable "KW 3" coilover suspension and the adaptive "KW DDC Plug & Play" coilover suspension are for about the Cupra born to have. The beefy Spaniard is lowered by 20 to 45 millimeters with the features. If the DCC series chassis control is used as an option, the second feature mentioned with its electric damper control is recommended. Due to the compatibility, different driving modes that influence the damping can still be used. And not only in terms of design does the KW treatment make sense. Because the less unrest in the body structure, the less the ESP has to regulate. And experiences of KW with the Model 3 from Tesla show that by lowering the range, increases of up to 7 percent are even possible.

Tezzlaunch focuses on everyday life

Let's continue with Tesla. Christian Meixner from Lower Austria simply founded a tuning company specializing in Tesla vehicles, since such a company did not exist at the time. Pretty cool: You can do the Model 3 and Model Y with one Electric kick sensor can be equipped for the frunk, which can also be controlled via the app. Also on offer are electric door handles including LED lighting. With a dashboard screen placed behind the steering wheel, there is also a solution for everyone who finds looking at the large touch screen too distracting.

Abt Sportsline is dedicated to plug-ins

With a new type of control unit, the Company Abt Sportsline the Audi plug-in hybrids Q5, A6 and A7 Sportback legs. Thanks to the new feature, system performance increases from 299 to 357 hp (50 TFSI e) or from 367 to 425 hp (55 TFSI e). The torque also increases by 50 Nm. The Abt Engine Control set new standards in terms of combustion engine performance.

Audi Q5 A6 A7 ABT Sportsline Tuning 13

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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