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In its infancy: Hardly tuning to electric cars

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Prior Design PD S1000 widebody Tesla Model S Tuning 6 In its infancy: Hardly tuning to electric cars

The power tuning of electric cars is possible in principle, but so far (2018) hardly used. There are currently two very important reasons for this. Above all, the drivers of electric cars want a long range. Although power tuning can increase the speed, but that would probably almost always at the expense of the range walk. The battery capacities, in turn, can only be expanded very insignificantly. The range is an absolute premium factor and thus already exhausted as far as possible from the factory. Another reason is the Gesetzgebung, Technical experts from organizations such as TÜV, DEKRA, GTÜ or KÜS are currently pointing out that there are still too few, in some areas even no legal foundations for the performance tuning of e-cars. Tuning must be legal, legislators create standards for it. That is true for Chiptuning & Co. too. However, in the case of e-cars, as in other areas, it does not follow technical developments quickly enough, so there is currently no (or hardly) Foundations exist.

Electric car Performance upgrade Chiptuning In its infancy: Hardly tuning to electric cars
There are many conversions - but (almost) always with series performance

What is currently being tuned for e-cars?

In the US, there is a very lively tuning scene, which deals already much more intense with the e-cars. Nevertheless, the corresponding tests there are often limited to optical tuning, although sometimes with greater technical effort. So get one Tesla golden rims or a Toyota Prius Sliding doors. Newport Convertible Engineering is an innovative coachbuilder in Huntington Beach, California, who transforms Tesla electric limousines into convertibles, for example. The company also has a branch in Barcelona, ​​where such a conversion would be possible from 22.000 Euro. Of course, e-cars can change all things that are tuned in conventional vehicles, so the lighting, the body, the steering wheels or the wheel-tire combinations. But even these changes could reduce the range, which discourages the driver of electric cars. Tuner BRABUS has with the department ZERO EMISSION even set up a dedicated team just for e-cars. But here, too, the performance “still” remains series.

Tesla Models S Tuning by BRABUS ZERO EMISSION 7 In its infancy: Hardly tuning to electric cars

What would be possible with the electric motor and the battery?

But there are already tentative attempts behind the scenes to improve the performance of e-cars. So built Brabus in cooperation with the manufacturer Brabus Ultimate E Concept (E-Smart) with a 60 kW (82 PS) engine instead of the 55 kW engine in the production vehicle. However, the company laments a very low demand. For other E-models of Mercedes such as the Electric Drive of the B-Class is therefore currently not offered. The numbers of these cars are so low that there is virtually no market. The BMW partner Alpina confirms this trend. Nothing is planned there for the BMW i vehicles either. It would be possible to get more power out of it, but the few interested parties would have to pay a lot for it - almost as much as for a custom-made one. Therefore, e-tuning should not be a big topic in the long term. It is theoretically also possible to use stronger batteries, but on this subject, the industry is also very intense research for mass production - so far with rather moderate success, as we all know.

AC Schnitzer Vorsteiner Tuning BMW i8 Coupé Protonic Red Edition 6 In its infancy: Hardly any tuning on electric cars

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  1. Good to know that tuning the speed would have bad consequences for the range. With your tips, I can then optically tune my e-car. I'll probably start painting the car.

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