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Not just in luxury cars - this can be an electronic chassis

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Electronic suspension Not only in luxury cars that can be an electronic suspension

There is an electronic chassis for cars and motorcycles, it is an adaptive chassis. The damping and thus the grip behavior of the tires on the road can be adjusted by electronic control, which favors a more sporty or comfortable driving style. The electronic chassis adjustment is also useful for very different loads - sometimes just one driver, sometimes the whole family with a lot of luggage.

Electronic suspension 2 Not only in luxury cars that can have an electronic suspension

What is the electronic suspension for?

The areas of application are varied. A family car can thus become a sports car, at least increase its use scenarios. The safety benefits in any case. The technology is not cheap, various manufacturers offer them under various names: DCC, PASM, ABC (Active Body Control) or Magnetic Ride. The principle is always the same: The hardness of the shock absorbers can be actively adjusted by the driver or adapts itself (passively) to the driving situation. In the case of passenger cars, electronic trolleys ex works have been in the lower middle class since some 2015 and even in the compact class of some manufacturers. They can also be retrofitted, which often happens with motorcycles. The real purpose is increased security. If the dampers are set very comfortable, the structure fluctuates more, the tendency to roll in bends increases, the wheel loads and the tire grip on the ground change unfavorably. For example, the electronic suspension compensates for this with harder damping in the curve. This is again a sportier driving possible.

How does an electronic chassis work?

Either through active control of the driver or through passive sensor control based on the driving situation, the electronic suspension in the shock absorber controls the oil flow via a valve. This changes the hardness of the damper. In the Magnetic Ride (Audi), microscopically small magnetic particles in the oil take over the control of the oil flow; they are aligned accordingly by an electric voltage. If the riders themselves actively make the regulation, they can take turns choosing a more sporty or more comfortable driving style. Passive systems like Magic Body Control Mercedes monitor the road with a camera. Before a curve or when changing the road conditions, the electronic suspension controls the damping so that the driver feels virtually nothing of the changed road conditions. The comfort aspect has priority here. Naturally, Porsche places more emphasis on sportiness. The Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) allows presetting in the center console on "sporty-toned" or "sporty-comfortable". However, there are limits to the adaptation because the axle and wheel load primarily determine the vibration and adhesion behavior. Nevertheless, the safety advantages of an electronic chassis should not be underestimated.

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