The wastegate - now also as an electronic version!

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electronic wastegate electricity Wastegate bypass 1 The wastegate now also as an electronic version!

An electrical wastegate - also known as a bypass valve - is an improved variant of the previous charge pressure control for the generation of exhaust gases. The wastegate is part of a turbocharger, whereby the wastegate ensures that the resulting gases flow past the turbine of a turbocharger. To fulfill this task, the wastegate sits between the turbocharger and the engine. The electric wastegate does not need to be controlled separately by the driver of the car. It directs from a corresponding boost pressure so that the exhaust gases can escape directly through the exhaust. And an electric wastegate is not just used for fun. Because the installation of a turbocharger has the consequence that a high engine speed is involved. After all, the built-in compressor needs to deliver a lot of air to drive the turbine. As a result, the friction increases and the mechanical limit of the engine is soon reached. The wastegate prevents that. Because the valve ensures that engine performance is kept within limits. The resulting charge pressure in the turbocharger can lead to engine damage or to the destruction of the turbocharger. This is also prevented by the electric wastegate.

electric wastegate from Turbosmart

The purpose of the device is that an increase in boost pressure in the turbocharger is avoided. The wastegate also increases the efficiency of the turbocharger. The turbocharger is protected at the same time. This type of wastegate is an internal wastegate. There is also an external wastegate as a design. Its construction is identical to an internal wastegate. Compared to the internal wastegate, however, the external variant is not installed inside the turbo housing. This type of component is located outside and is variable in size. The functional difference to the internal wastegate is that the exhaust gases are fed back into the exhaust, so do not flow into the atmosphere through the exhaust.

almost always a simple assembly

An electric wastegate can be retrofitted at any time. The electric wastegate convinces with reduced positioning times, higher operating temperatures and increased tightness. In addition, the parts are also CAN-BUS capable. This ensures integration into the car's on-board diagnostic system. The ever-increasing demands on the efficiency of new cars and their turbochargers makes the previous regulation by means of a pressure cell more and more in the background. A fast and pressure-independent control of the boost pressure is possible with an electric actuator, which can be fine tuned. An electric wastegate actuator ensures the best possible interaction between combustion engine and turbo, especially in downsizing engines. It can quickly reach any wastegate position, completely independent of underpressure or overpressure systems. By means of high closing force a minimum leakage and thus a faster boost pressure build-up is guaranteed. There are already versions that are extremely compact and weighing less than 250g especially light. Adjustment angles of up to 160 ° and more and a service temperature range of -40 ° C to + 160 ° C are values ​​that are sufficient. PS: You can find even more information in our large turbocharger special!

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electronic wastegate electricity Wastegate bypass 2 The wastegate now also as an electronic version!

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