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Electropolishing on auto parts? What is that, actually?

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Electropolishing Electropolishing E Polishing Tuning Electropolishing on car parts? What is that, actually?

The Electropolishing is not only the most widely used in the automotive industry abrasive manufacturing processes. The so-called electropolishing, which is mainly used for materials like Metal or Stainless Steel is used in many other areas, such as aerospace, in plant engineering, in the pharmaceutical and textile industries, as well as in the electrical industry.

Electropolishing on auto parts

Electropolishing Electropolishing E Polishing Tuning 1 e1613052747428 Electropolishing on car parts? What is that, actually?Since an electric polish only with professional knowledge and special equipment, a well-trained one is always required Specialiststo get the best results. The reason the work is so difficult to do is because almost all of the work pieces unique and therefore have different properties and specifications. Because of this, you should consider yourself a layperson under no circumstances try an electro-polish yourself. This work can usually only be done by skilled workers ordnungsgemäßer be performed.

There are quite a number of companies on the market that specialize in Electropolishing and Refining specialized. Whether small or large quantities, a good established company always delivers on schedule and is a reliable partner. Nothing is worse than weeks on the desired component wait to have to. And what customers want should be always top priority and are implemented with the greatest care. After all, the component, for example from a classic car, may only be available once. So you should definitely find out about the company in advance.

How does the electric polish work?

Electropolishing is a very complex process that is usually used for Deburring, cleaning or Smooth used by metallic objects. Because an e-polish makes it perfect Removal of corners and edges is made possible, the process is characterized by its solid deburring. One clearly improved corrosion protection is another Advantage of the E-polish, because it protects the components of the vehicles from harmful rust. Through the e-polish will be ferritic components on the surface of the workpiece remote and thus it is better protected from rust. Optionally, however, a Car protective cover Protect against undesired rust formation to a limited extent.

Electropolishing Electropolishing E Polishing Tuning 2 Electropolishing on car parts? What is that, actually?

Also speak too optical reasons für eine Electropolishing. Because glossy surfaces are not just in Tuning area, but very popular with all car fans. Every metal surface can be treated with a so-called "Finish“Be given a noble shine. For this purpose, only a dwindling amount of material, which is usually in the Micro range lies, worn away .

Yet these are just a few of the benefits of one Electropolishing. That's why we have a suitable YouTube video for this article, in which the electropolishing is explained in great detail. The video should also illustrate how quickly Metal damage can be remedied by electropolishing so that they can no longer be recognized later.

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Electropolishing Electropolishing E Polishing Tuning 3 Electropolishing on car parts? What is that, actually?

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