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Markus Klimesch is the founder, managing director and main shareholder of Elferspot Media GmbH in Munich. is a marketplace exclusively for Porsche sports cars (we reported 11.2017).

TUNINGBLOG.EU: How did the idea come about to create a market place only for Porsche sports cars?

MK: The idea came to me for the first time in 2010 after I had explored the market myself. For myself, I was looking for an air-cooled Porsche 911 and grazed various platforms. I was not really satisfied with the way it was presented and I had a first flash of thought about a “Porsche Only” platform. Back then I saw a lot of potential for optimization. When I bought another Porsche in 2016 and had similar experiences, the idea was pulled out of the drawer and we started the project in early 2017. Interview with founder Markus Klimesch

TUNINGBLOG.EU: has been online since 9.11.2017. How is the project developing?

MK: The project has become a company with ambitious goals. Our relevant key figures are steadily and sustainably developing upwards. In the first 10 months, we were able to win over 80 dealers with more than 1200 vehicles for our platform. It was important to us that we build relevance for our users as soon as possible. Of course, a marketplace with little offer makes no sense. From the beginning, it was also important to us that the marketplace had a strong international focus. Our users can now find offers from 12 different countries on our website.

TUNINGBLOG.EU: What sets Elferspot apart from other platforms on the market?

MK: First and foremost, of course, absolute focus and specialization. We think Porsche all day, all year round. Our motto is: We connect enthusiasts. And we are enthusiasts ourselves. Of course you can find many of our vehicles listed on other platforms, but we are different. The type of vehicle presentation, the type of preparation. No external advertising. Also the cross-connections and links. We are all about Porsche. Thanks to our specialization, we are increasingly able to list vehicles exclusively. Porsche sports cars that can only be found on the platform with us. Interview with founder Markus Klimesch

TUNINGBLOG.EU: Elferspot also has an online magazine. What is the objective here?

MK: The Elferspot magazine is very important to us. We don't just want to be a marketplace, we also want to offer the user information and exciting stories. For example, we portray and interview Porsche enthusiasts and tell their stories. We inform our users about new developments or introduce interesting dealers. The magazine is also offered in two languages, German and English.

TUNINGBLOG.EU: Elferspot is very active on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. How important is that for you?

MK: Very important. There was an Elferspot on Facebook and Instagram even before the website went online. As a fan base and community. We maintain these channels very carefully and receive very good feedback for them. We now reach more than 1,5 million people every month with our activities. This impresses us again and again and shows the incredible radiance of the Porsche brand. Through the interactions with our users, we learn a lot about the market.

TUNINGBLOG.EU: Talking about the market. How is the Porsche market developing?

MK: Here you have to differentiate strongly, between classic and modern used cars. The width of the market for classic Porsche models has cooled considerably. Our dealer partners tell us that. In the years 2014 to 2016, prices rose very strongly across all model series. Unfortunately, the less good vehicles also rose in price in this phase and in our view this led to a strong exaggeration. This is now felt by everyone who is currently throwing an average vehicle onto the market. It will be much more difficult to get the last paid prices. However, the market for special features and rarities always has its own life and mostly decouples from the general trend. Records are still being made here.

TUNINGBLOG.EU: What do you advise a potential buyer in the current market situation?

MK: Answering this question in general is of course difficult. To do this, you need to know the buyer's objectives. We ourselves are enthusiasts and enjoy driving. If someone is looking for a Porsche for driving pleasure and a special attitude towards life, then they shouldn't think about market developments. He should use his common sense and check offers well. Ask a lot of questions and develop a feeling for the seller. The Porsche market is extremely selective and transparent. So there is almost no bargain out there. If you buy cheap, you buy expensive. This somewhat hackneyed saying fits here like a fist on the eye.

TUNINGBLOG.EU: As a private seller, can you also advertise your car on

MK: Of course. Every private seller can use the same advantages and upload and advertise their vehicle with us. It is important that the image quality meets our quality criteria. We are happy to help and give tips here. The last 10 months clearly show how important the cover picture is for an advertisement. People in our time are usually overstimulated and less alert. It is all the more important to ensure that you get your potential buyer with a first, good impression. Interview with founder Markus Klimesch

TUNINGBLOG.EU: What are the goals of Elferspot in the coming months?

MK: We have big plans. First and foremost, of course, we want to raise our profile and get even more people excited about our platform. We want to expand the range of exciting vehicles and try to get even more exclusive listings. Social media will continue to be an important pillar and here we have many small, creative ideas on how we can reach the target group even better. Of course, we will also continuously improve the user experience on our website and develop and offer new helpful tools for better marketing. We will definitely not be bored in the near future. Interview with founder Markus KlimeschTUNINGBLOG.EU: Thank you for the interview!

MK: I thank myself. With pleasure!

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