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Spare wheel / spare tire - retrofitting is often possible!

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Retrofitting spare wheel spare tires Tuning emergency wheel / spare tires is often possible!

Certain vehicles do not have a spare wheel or spare tire at the factory. And especially current vehicles are less and less equipped with full replacement tires or at least with an emergency wheel. Instead come various Tire repair kits to use, but they make no sense with a slit tire. However, there are various options for retrofitting an emergency wheel or a spare tire, but the other way around, you can also do without it entirely if you do not want to carry the factory spare wheel. When a replacement tire can be dispensed with and which retrofit variants are commercially available is explained in more detail below.

Emergency bikes - what does that mean?

Retrofitting spare wheel spare tires Tuning 4 e1579009425871 Spare wheel / spare tire retrofitting is often possible!

An emergency bike is a simply produced bike that is not intended for long-term use on the vehicle. Such a wheel is used as a spare wheel in the event of a tire damage and is intended to ensure that the journey continues to the next workshop. If the temporary spare wheel is installed at the factory, it is usually in a recess provided for it. The trough can usually be found in the trunk or a special holder holds the emergency wheel on the underbody. Then it is often packaged in a protective manner and not immediately visible. The emergency wheel is smaller than other wheels and allows you to continue driving at low speed. An emergency bike should be replaced with a full bike as soon as possible. Tire dealers and tuning workshops help.

What are the advantages of the emergency tires?

Retrofitting spare wheel spare tires Tuning 2 e1579009168180 Spare wheel / spare tire retrofitting is often possible!

Emergency tires offer the advantage that the driver remains mobile even if a tire breaks down and that the journey continues. Modern vehicles offer air pressure measurement and can therefore indicate when a tire is losing air. With a spare wheel, you can quickly switch to emergency tires.

What is the disadvantage of an emergency tire?

The disadvantage of emergency tires is that only short distances can be driven. The damaged wheel is not completely replaced, but it is only possible to continue driving. In addition, you can only drive at reduced speed and the profile is often only suitable for summer conditions. If an emergency wheel is installed on the drive axle in winter, it is difficult to move forward.

Are there options for retrofitting the temporary spare wheel?

If there is no spare wheel from the factory, but there is a recess for the wheel, then a subsequent purchase is possible. The trusted car dealer or a tuning workshop can help here. A professional tuning workshop is also a contact if there is no recess for an emergency bike. A mounting for a spare tire can also be retrofitted and can be ordered from experienced workshops. If you do not want to use an emergency tire, you also have the option to avoid the emergency tires.

Replacement tires - what alternatives are possible?

Warning triangle first aid kit, breakdown set 2, spare wheel / spare tire retrofitting is often possible!

Interested tuners can not only retrofit an emergency tire, but can also consider alternatives that make emergency tires unnecessary. This includes, for example, the use of Runflat tires or the use of a breakdown kit. The latter can be seen as specialized tire repair equipment. With such a breakdown set, the driver can temporarily repair a broken tire and continue driving slowly if the damage is not excessive. Run-flat tires are interesting for people who do not want to install a spare tire and do not want to use a breakdown set. With run-flat tires, which are more expensive than conventional tires (summer / winter tires), the driver can continue to drive even if the tire breaks down. Run-flat tires are designed to ensure that a flat tire continues safely. But here, too, it depends on the type of damage. Curb contact at high speeds can also completely put a run-flat tire out of action.

Are there full replacement tires?

A full replacement tire can be retrofitted if the necessary space is available. If there is not enough space in the vehicle or below, you can use a special one spare wheel holder To fall back on. This is available for many vehicles and even limousines can be equipped with it. A full replacement bike is larger and more expensive than an emergency bike. Depending on the legal situation, the spare wheel can be driven longer or permanently. If the higher weight of a full replacement tire is irrelevant and there is also the necessary space, this variant is probably the best. The spare tire can also be available as an aluminum rim, for example, and matches the other tires on the vehicle. Here, for example seasonal a winter or summer bike can be stowed in the vehicle. If you have the necessary equipment such as a jack and wheel nut wrench, nothing stands in the way of the exchange and the trip to the workshop does not have to be prompt.

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Vehicle decoration hood ornament wedding car 3 310x165 emergency wheel / spare tire retrofitting is often possible!

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