Limited Edition: the Essen Motor Show (EMS) 2021 is running!

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Limited Edition Essen Motor Show EMS 2021 3 Limited Edition: the Essen Motor Show (EMS) 2021 is running!

Where, when, who and which rules? After a pandemic-related failure of the trade fair last year, fans of speed can currently look forward to it. Despite restrictions due to the ongoing corona pandemic, the auto show will take place this year Essen Motor Show in Essen again instead. Secured by the 3G rule combined with a Mask requirement car fans can currently visit the fair. It has been running since yesterday (November 27th) and still until December 5st. The Preview Day was on 26.112021/XNUMX/XNUMX.

VW Beetle GT from JP Performance Prior Design 9 Limited Edition: the Essen Motor Show (EMS) 2021 is running!

This year around 400 exhibitors will be present at the exhibition center of the city of Essen. The "Limited Edition" comprises eight halls, but this time it is not the motorsport arena allows. The motor show combined Classic Cars, Sports car, Tuning, Lifestyle and something Motorsport. At the fair there are many vehicles and new accessories such as Chassis and rims to see. But also merchandise like T-shirts and hoodies can be bought. The major exhibitors include ADAC Motorsport, Mercedes Fan-World, Continental, Borbet, Hyundai, genesis, Wheelpros Europe and MR. And tuning fans also get their money's worth. Tuning exhibitors include JP Performance, Prior Design, PROTRACK wheels, Mareike Fox or Sidney Industries. Part of the tuning section of the fair also has a special motto this year: "TUNE IT! SAFE!". This refers to the basic idea, that tuners aren't racers. To do this, show the new one TUNE IT! SAFE! TECHART Porsche 911 as a campaign vehicle.

The 'TUNE IT! SAFE 'aims to draw attention to the combination of tuning and safety. In addition, it was revealed TUNE IT! SAFE! TECHART Porsche 911 campaign vehicle. Another tuning highlight is the tuningXperience, to be found in Hall 5. There are 100 private tuners who show their vehicles, which have been carefully tuned, in a special show. Some of the best vehicles in Europe, from everyday vehicles and motorsport bolides to show cars, can be seen there. Rare models such as a Barkas B1000, a Lada 2103, a VW Brasilia, some Teslas and a Polski Fiat 126p can be admired alongside well-known models. For tuning fans interested in camping, there is even an Audi A7 Competition including a roof tent.

Limited Edition Essen Motor Show EMS 2021 Limited Edition: the Essen Motor Show (EMS) 2021 is running!

The future and past of mobility

The interest in alternatively powered vehicles is growing steadily. That's why not only gasoline engines can be admired at the motor show, but also many electric vehicles. It shows what relevance the car will have now and in the future. Regardless of the drive, they not only take us from one place to another, they inspire and are fun. Mobile operator Next presents, for example, various alternatively powered vehicles. Both cars that electric and hybrid operated, but also with Hydrogen running series models are exhibited. These include, for example, the trade fair premieres of the Model Y from Tesla as well as the electric version of the Ford Mustang, the Mustang Mach-E. You can see them in Hall 3.

In addition to a glimpse into the near future, there is also a glimpse into the past. Classic fans will find something for themselves in Halls 1 and 2, namely the oldest classic sales salon in Germany. In the so-called Classic & Prestige Salon of the organizer SIHA some dealers present classic car models. This includes well-known sports and racing vehicles. These are a special highlight 100th anniversary of AVUS and I baked the 60 year anniversary of Jaguar E-Type. In Hall 3 there are also sports and racing cars from the past and present in the special show 'World of Motorsports'. Among other things, there is a Toyota TS030Hybrid. Fans, who might otherwise be more likely to be found at the Gamescon games fair, will also find a stand for themselves. In addition to the vehicles with alternative drives, there is an area for e-sports in Hall 3. In the virtual cockpit at the booth of RaceRoom Interested parties can experience speed digitally in a motorsport simulation. Photo credit: Food motor show

Limited Edition Essen Motor Show EMS 2021 1 Limited Edition: the Essen Motor Show (EMS) 2021 is running!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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