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Chic under the hood! What is an Engine Bay Cover?

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Carbon Engine Bay Cover Engine Cover Fairing e1587449384392 Chic under the hood! What is an Engine Bay Cover?

Engine covers are installed as standard in almost all vehicles ex works. Almost every manufacturer, regardless of the vehicle model, hides its engine under a cover. But why is such a cover necessary? What is the benefit? And why should you want to upgrade this vehicle part when tuning?

Use of engine covers

Engine cover carbon cover Engine cover chic under the hood! What is an Engine Bay Cover?

The need for engine covers may not be immediately apparent at first glance. In fact, such a cover has several advantages. First of all, the optical enhancement creates a thoroughly tidy impression. Screws, nuts, valves and hoses are hidden behind the simple cover, giving the engine a more structured, but also more powerful look. Furthermore, the cover must prevent laypeople from tinkering with the engine. Of course, the cover can be removed relatively easily, but any difficulty is an obstacle for lay people. The cover is also used to protect engine noise. For both the interior and the exterior, the cover can reduce the noise pollution somewhat. An advantage that is too often forgotten is that the cladding protects against dirt and prevents marten bites due to the more difficult access.

Tuning that goes under the hood

Engine Bay Cover Engine cover Fairing Airbrush 4 Chic under the hood! What is an Engine Bay Cover?

Due to the multitude of advantages and benefits of engine covers, they are also often used in the tuning area. There are fairings that are not only on the engine, but most of all around the engine can be installed. For this there are specially specialized companies, the so-called Engine Bay Covers adapt individually, in shape and color, to the corresponding engine compartment. This means that even modern motifs, even entire images, can be printed on the cover if desired. Vehicle manufacturers, such as BMW, also offer engine bay covers that are manufactured by hand. However, this is mostly for higher quality vehicles.

What to consider

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The engine covers are usually made of an ABS material. This is a very heat-resistant plastic. More expensive versions are also made of carbon, which also saves weight. And we've even seen self-made variants made of wood or aluminum. While the cladding protects against dirt, noise and marten bites, it is essential to avoid heat build-up in the engine area. This is usually ensured by choosing the right material. In principle, engine bay cover tuning can be carried out on all vehicles. It is only important that the cladding is exactly adapted to the engine compartment. The entire cover must be screwed tight and must not move or loosen in any way. Since the cover does not affect the vehicle height or the performance of the engine, typing is not necessary. The most important thing is to have such modifications carried out by certified workshops if you have no idea yourself. This applies to both the manufacture and assembly of the Engine Bay Cover.

Optical upgrade, individual driving

With this type of tuning, you can customize your vehicle right up to the bonnet. Not only the engine block itself can be beautifully clad, the battery and brake booster can also be optically upgraded and clad with an adapted cover. While manufacturers of well-known brands, such as Audi, BMW or VW, offer individual covers for special models, there are specially specialized companies that manufacture and also assemble Engine Bay Covers for your vehicle. This guarantees driving pleasure under the hood.

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