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Short 1971 Ford Bronco Pickup Restomod 13 Tip: The right tools for engine conversion!

A Engine conversion is not an easy thing. Experience and the right skill in the field are essential necessary. In addition to these factors, there are above all the right tools crucial! Every car lover knows a person who has ever been successful in engines exchanged or rebuilt Has. Regardless of talent and experience: in a workshop, without the right tools, the person would probably not have managed such an operation. Even the best mechanics are helpless without tools. Before we give you the best,Must haves"Let's talk about the topic first,Engine conversion".

Engine conversion: book with many chapters!

A ,,Engine conversion“Has many different definitions. For example, a conversion is already used when an intact engine is converted, to increase performance. Replacing the engine with another engine of the same construction is a more difficult undertaking. In this action, the entire engine is removed and replaced with a New or revised version exchanged.

BMW 3 Series E30 Engine Swap Stance Tuning 15 Tip: The right tools for engine conversion!

The most demanding type of conversion is the so-called ,,engine swap". Here the complete switch to a different engine takes place. Often times, too Transmission, exhaust system, brakes, vehicle electrics and some other vehicle parts replaced. If you want to go to the extreme, you can install a drive train from a completely different car. Because of the Eligibility is that in Germany should not so common. In the United States, on the other hand, it is more common.

Renewing wear parts is part of it!

The right tuners swap several when changing the engine wear parts with off. Seals and similar parts create a lot more work when the engine has to be lifted out of the car to replace it. It is therefore advisable to use the Costs for the wear parts to be included. Price comparison portals for auto parts offer the necessary parts from the best seller and deliver them to your home easily. As soon as the engine is completely overhauled and installed, the car will run like new again!

Alternator tuning Dynamo e1577687551188 Tip: The right tools for engine conversion!

What tools do I need to convert the engine?

A jack alone is not enough to convert the engine. Jack stands are compulsory if there is no pit or lifting platform. It is also beneficial to have a impact wrench to have with you. To secure the motor while it is being released from all holding points and then lifting it out is a Motor crane indispensable. The engine is then turned off on one Engine stand.

Engine stand engine crane engine jack workshop gearbox 2 e1613396044988 Tip: The right tools for engine conversion!

When the heart of the car is securely stowed away, this is the best time to do it Check and replace came from wearing parts. In this phase, the drive is best accessible from all angles. Tools, both screwdriver and wrench in various designs and sizes, as well as a Hammer, are of course a must.

Engine conversion: Everything should be renewed

Of course, every hobby screwdriver and trained mechanic has their own opinion and techniques when it comes to screwing. The renewal of wear parts on the engine is always dated at the end of the day purse and dependent on the dedication of the car owner. The Change of oil and oil filter is definitely a must. Since it is easily accessible at the moment, depending on the gearbox, one is also recommended Renewal of the release bearing. The exchange of the spark from the engine.
The "simple" seals should also be replaced. Even if the engine has no problem in this regard. Nevertheless, the head gasket should if possible should not it will be exchanged. Depending on the design, there are also Toothed belt and timing chain on the list of wearing parts when converting the engine. The water pump is also part of it. The list can be expanded continuously.

High-performance oil pump Lubricant pump Gear pump 4 Tip: The right tools for engine conversion!

At the end... Planning is the be-all and end-all when converting an engine. It should be carefully considered which parts should all be renewed and replaced in the end. In addition, a small financial buffer is advisable. Finally, one or the other unpleasant discovery can be made during the renovation. In the end all that is missing is the right tools and the conversion can begin!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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