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Motor drag torque control possible?

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BMW E46 M3 Touring 2JZ Motorswap Tuning 47 engine drag torque control retrofitting possible?

The engine drag torque control, MSR for short, is an electronic assistance system that is part of ASR and ESP is. ESP is the abbreviation for the electronic stability program and the ASR describes the traction control system. MSR is designed to prevent the drive wheels from slipping on slippery roads, for example if the driver quickly takes his foot off the accelerator. Which forces act and what the system does exactly is explained in more detail below.

Drag torque control - does it work when?

Driving dynamics control ESP Retrofitting tuning 2 engine drag torque control retrofitting possible?

The engine drag torque control intervenes if, due to the engine braking effect, the maximum force transmission torque of the tires between the road and the vehicle is exceeded (Kammscher Kreis). Exceeding the maximum power transmission torque can make the vehicle difficult to steer or, in extreme cases (on snow, ice, wet road) even breaks out. The engine control unit regulates the engine speed for a short time and keeps the vehicle stable.

the MSR - functionality

MSR is characterized as software that jumps in on slippery roads or when the gears shift too quickly. Even if the driver suddenly leaves the accelerator pedal, the MSR engages. Otherwise, the wheels may lock up and the car may slip. This also reduces the mechanical forces on the drive or the transmission. The engine control unit has a wheel speed sensor that forwards information to the MSR control unit via a CAN data bus. If the vehicle threatens to slip, MSR sends a signal to the engine control unit and the fuel supply. As a result, the engine speed is increased slightly for a short time. The wheel speed is adjusted to the vehicle speed and the car can be kept stable. MSR prevents the vehicle from losing grip and remaining maneuverable. The driver hardly notices anything about this system. An engine drag torque control is available in many modern vehicles. Tuning forums often ask whether MSR can be retrofitted in older vehicles.

Retrofit engine drag torque control?

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MSR is a system that belongs to ESP and ASR. The question of whether MSR can be retrofitted in older vehicles can only be answered with “depends”. MSR is often available as standard in modern cars. MSR should be listed accordingly in the vehicle descriptions. If you are not sure whether your newer vehicle has MSR, you should check the vehicle description. The retrofitting of MSR is only possible if this is provided ex works, the car has ESP and ASR and such a retrofitting can be carried out by the vehicle manufacturer. Anyone who wants to retrofit MSR in older vehicles is entering an area that is no longer economical. And even if a vehicle has ESP as standard, the question is whether retrofitting MSR is worthwhile. In tunin forums, retrofitting is rather discouraged or declared as not feasible. If the money does not matter, conversion / retrofitting is of course possible. It is advisable to ask a reputable tuning workshop whether retrofitting a vehicle makes sense at all or whether there are even alternatives to MSR.

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