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Engine failure? These are the 6 most common causes!

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biturbo technology engine drive tuning engine failure? These are the 6 most common causes!

If the Engine control lamp lights up, this is usually not a good sign. Engine failure generally happens when it is not expected and can cost a lot of money. When engine failure needs repairing, that belongs next to you Gearbox damage one of the most expensive repairs to be done. To save you the hassle and the costs, we give you the names 6 most common causes for engine damage so that you can avoid it as much as possible.

Engine damage Tuning Engine damage? These are the 6 most common causes!

  1. Misfuelling
    It happened quickly: instead of the required super, diesel was accidentally refueled. If you notice this error too late, the engine is usually already broken. Such a misfuelling is noticeable in that strong knocking noises can be heard when driving off - but then it is already too late and the car is basically no longer usable. Then the fuel is in the fuel system and the only thing that helps here is cleaning the engine, which costs a fair amount of money, especially with expensive new cars. Otherwise the vehicle must be sold with the engine damaged. The situation is different if the error was noticed before driving off. Then the wrong fuel can be pumped out by the filling station staff.
    Save fuel Tuning magnets refuel Engine failure? These are the 6 most common causes!
  2. Not enough oil
    If there is not enough oil, the engine will not be adequately lubricated and this has fatal consequences. The oil level should therefore be checked regularly, which is recommended every third refueling stop and can also be carried out very easily using the oil stick with scale. Furthermore, it is recommended that every 30.000 kilometers or every 2 years (here it depends on what comes first) carry out a complete oil change. In our opinion, nothing speaks against a change every 15.000 kilometers. Better to have than to have.
    High performance engine oil Tuning 2 engine failure? These are the 6 most common causes!
  3. wrong tuning
    Unprofessional or excessive tuning can also lead to engine damage. For example, if you run a Speed ​​increase this can overwhelm the engine and result in engine damage. The same applies to an unprofessional increase in performance. For example, a chip tuning, a tuning box or one that is not compatible with the engine Sport camshaft. Many other tuning components can lead to engine damage if incorrectly installed, extreme driving etc.
    Sports camshaft tuning Engine damage? These are the 6 most common causes!
  4. Overheating of the engine
    If the engine is too hot, this can also cause engine damage. Therefore, if the cooling system no longer works, a workshop should be sought immediately in order to avoid this possible overheating. In addition, the temperature display should always be observed. If these values ​​show over 90 degrees, this will damage the engine. One reason for such overheating can be a broken one, for example Cylinder head gasket The repair of which is very expensive, but still bearable compared to buying a new vehicle.
    temperature display engine overheated Engine damage Engine damage? These are the 6 most common causes!
  5. A broken timing belt
    The timing belt is an extremely important part of the engine. But if this has now been torn into two parts, the camshaft stops while the crankshaft continues to turn, which in turn ensures that the pistons “crack” into the valves, which ultimately leads to engine damage. For this reason, the toothed belt should be checked for cracks at regular intervals and also replaced after 6 years or a certain mileage at the latest, which is not very expensive, but even more important to avoid engine damage.
    Toothed belt pulley camshaft sprocket 3 e1578577147805 Engine damage? These are the 6 most common causes!
  6. Engine over-revved
    In general, extremely high speeds should be avoided. For example, you shouldn't shift up too late. An example of the engine over-revving is if you accidentally shift into a gear that is far too low. If you drive in third gear and want to shift into fourth, but catch second, then the engine can over-rev. This should not be done too often, otherwise engine damage is almost inevitable. Therefore, a moderate and forward-looking driving style is recommended, which not only increases the safety but also the service life of your engine.

Cancel engine speed limitation Tuning Engine damage? These are the 6 most common causes!

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  1. Good article!
    Unfortunately, there is more and more engine damage due to all the electronics and the pursuit of efficiency (downsizing) ...

    There are now a lot of car specialists who only do engine repairs ... And there is also a comparison platform only for engine damage:

  2. At work I was told that it is good to deal with the subject of engine damage. Now that I read this post, I find it really interesting. I think I'll share this article with my colleagues one day.

  3. I wanted to drive my car this morning, but it didn't sound that good and the check engine light came on too. I was hoping it wouldn't be that bad, but apparently this is never a good sign. I didn't even know that too little oil is such a fatal mistake, because the engine is then not sufficiently lubricated and that is why you should check the oil level regularly. Now I will definitely have to pay a visit to the garage and hope that it doesn't get too expensive.

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