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Causes & consequences of an active engine control light!

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Engine control lamp MKL lights up red Causes & consequences of an active engine control lamp!

The Engine control lamp sees on all vehicles similar out. The appearance of an engine is indicated on it. If the luminaire is active, then lights up or flashes they yellow. In contrast to other warning lights such as the oil control light, however, the engine control light cannot be red, but instead only yellow to shine. There is more information about the illuminated oil indicator in our article "Is the oil control lamp lit or flashing? The reasons!". What causes can a active engine control lampe have? A car's engine control unit monitors a wide variety of sensors and components. If the system detects a problem, the engine control lamp is activated as a warning for the driver. In the best case scenario, they should have the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Causes & Consequences

The following linking of terms lead to appropriate Information reports, some of which contain instructions for Fault diagnosis and repair include. A Guaranteethat one or more of our lists are actually the cause, of course, there is no such thing. The causes for an active engine control lamp are one defective lambda probe, a defective camshaft seal- sensor, a defective one Air mass sensor, a defective exhaust system, a problem with the Ignition (broken ignition cable or defective ignition coil), a defective one AGR valve, a defective throttle, a defective crankcase ventilation, one or more defects injectors, a full diesel particulate Filter, a broken one Catalyst, or a broken one Turbocharger or compressor in question.

Engine control lamp MKL lights up Causes and consequences of an active engine control lamp!

As you can now see, there are a number of causes that can contribute to the activation of the check engine light. In order to determine the real problem, the Read out fault memory become. This usually allows the problem to be found quickly, and in most cases, too be resolved. As soon as the fault has been rectified in the workshop, the mechanic can erase the fault memory and the engine control lamp will stop shining.

Continue driving with the engine control lamp active?

As soon as the engine indicator light comes on while the engine is running, you should contemporary go to the nearest workshop. If no other warning lights are active and the engine is running normally, you can also drive to the workshop. In some cases, however, it can happen that the engine is only in the Emergency run (Engine emergency run or emergency run program) is working. If this is the case, only limited service is available to you. However, this should be sufficient for the trip to the next workshop. With the emergency program, the engine tries to protect other components and one engine failure submissions.


If a red warning light such as the lights up next to the engine control light Coolant indicator light, then the car should be towed. This also applies in the event that the engine no longer runs normally.

General inspection and glowing engine control light?

With an engine control light that after the start of the motor flashes or permanent lights up yellow, you will not pass the HU. Because one thing is clear, if the engine control lamp lights up yellow or flashes, then this indicates an error in the engine management system. This is not only a danger to the vehicle, but also to the environment and should therefore be examined and repaired as quickly as possible.

Check engine MKL engine control light Faults Causes & consequences of an active engine control light!

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