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More smoothness and driving comfort - engine mounts & brackets!

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High-performance oil pump Lubricant pump Gear pump 3 More smooth running and driving comfort Engine mounts & holders!

The engine in the vehicle is not only connected to the body via the engine mount, but also has engine mounts. And the engine mount is not just part of the fixed connection between the engine and the body. Rather, the engine mount also has another important task. It prevents or at least reduces the vibrations caused by the engine. In addition, an engine mount also ensures that, for example, the noise from the engine is reduced. And so the engine mount essentially ensures good driving comfort.

Differences in engine mounts

Engine mount bracket electronically active More smooth running and driving comfort Engine mount & bracket!

If you want to tune the car, especially the engine, you may have to improve the engine mounts and engine mounts. Depending on the car model, there can be numerous differences. It starts with the fact that the number of bearings can vary considerably depending on the car model. There are models that have installed up to four bearings. The installation location, in particular the attachment to the engine, can also be very different. And finally there can be differences in the material of the warehouse. Such a bearing can consist of rubber, but also of metal and plastic elements. Especially since there are still differences. There are also differences in the degree of hardness of the engine mounts. Especially if you want to replace the engine mounts and engine mounts as part of the tuning, you have various options in addition to the differences already mentioned. The options extend with regard to the degree of hardness of the engine mount and the function. Depending on the purpose for which you want to use the car, how much power it has, or whether a completely different engine should be installed, you have to choose the degree of hardness accordingly. A racing car or other vehicle that achieves high speeds should use an engine mount that is as hard as possible.

Adjustment options on the engine mount

And there is another difference in terms of tuning. So you can choose between electronically adjustable or a hydraulic engine mount. Hydraulic engine mounts hardly allow any further adjustments depending on the material and processing. The situation is completely different with electronic engine mounts. These have the great advantage that you can change the settings of the engine mounts depending on the situation. Such an engine mount can be individually adapted depending on the use. The disadvantage here is the much higher installation effort and costs. A tuning engine mount should work perfectly both in racing and everyday use on the road. An improved engine suspension ensures sufficient stability, even on winding roads. However, it must only increase the stiffness of the engine and not impair the suspension. Vibration transmission to the subframe of the car should not be done. A set of new engine mounts should also bring the right engine mount.

Advantages of active engine mounting

  • react intelligently to the requirements
  • improve vibration comfort
  • improve high-frequency behavior
  • Customization of bearings (stiffness, damping positions, idling behavior)
  • maximum comfort

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Engine mount bracket electronically active 3 More smooth running and driving comfort Engine mount & bracket!

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Support for the back - retrofit lumbar support

Lumbar support lumbar spine% C3% BCtze R% C3% BCeckenkissen 3 2x310 More smoothness and driving comfort Engine mounts & holders!

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Block stiffening plates Bedplate stiffening 4 310x165 More smooth running and driving comfort Engine mounts & holders!

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Titanium studs threaded rod studs 5 e1578382924208 310x165 More smoothness and driving comfort Engine mounts & holders!

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Bearing shells Big end bearings Sputter coating 2 310x165 More smooth running and driving comfort Engine mounts & holders!

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