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Engine overhaul: These mistakes should be avoided!

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Engine damage tuning Engine overhaul: These mistakes should be avoided!

Have you just started overhauling your engine and are you already running into difficulties? Perhaps you just want to find out as much as possible beforehand in order to avoid mistakes? There is very little room for error in engine construction. At every point it requires careful and precise work. In most cases, when a mistake has happened, there is no second chance. Errors often lead to additional work and costs, in the worst case to total engine damage. We have compiled the 7 most common errors during an engine overhaul for you to save you time, money and headaches. This will definitely make your life easier when converting your engine.

Engine overhaul: These mistakes should be avoided!

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  1. Tip: you should keep these points in mind
  2. Error: not a proper workplace
  3. Error: missing documentation
  4. Error: take wrong measurements
  5. Error: incorrect handling of liquids
  6. Error: use old fixings and seals
  7. Error: Do not clean used parts
  8. Tip: don't be afraid of an engine workshop

Tip: you should keep these points in mind

Inserting the crankshaft: The crankcase must stay in place during this step. Using a Special tool is advisable. The sharp edge of the crankshaft is allowed can not be come against the seal, otherwise it could be destroyed or you could damage a bearing journal on the crankshaft. When reassembling the bearings, you should put a little oil and between the seals a little grease to keep them do not run dry. Check and before the final assembly the bearing clearance.

Inserting the crankshaft Engine overhaul: These mistakes should be avoided!

Assembling the crankcase: You may have to disassemble and reassemble the crankcase during your engine overhaul. The crankcase side without rods belongs when assembling red sealant. When everything is aligned, the locking screws can be tightened. The final tightening is done crosswise from the inside out and with a torque wrench. At the end, check that the crankshaft rotates freely.

Dismantle crankcase, uninstall, engine overhaul: These mistakes should be avoided!

Timing of the engine: Correct setting of the timing is essential and before proceeding with the next step you need to check that everything is in order and that it is set correctly. The following must include the correct setting of the timing:

  1. The countershaft weight must be aligned with the lower end
  2. The connecting rod must be in the top dead center, where the piston in the cylinder has the maximum height
  3. The gear on the shaft must line up with the markings on the shaft and balance shaft
  4. Tip: This is how you can set the timing.

You should follow these steps to get the timing right. Then tighten the nuts with a torque wrench.

Adjusting the timing of the engine Engine tuning Engine overhaul: These mistakes should be avoided!

Assembly of piston and cylinder: Making mistakes during assembly here can lead to significantly greater wear and tear or even to a lack of it compression to lead. Use one for a perfect assembly Ring compressor. This allows you to immediately arrange the rings in the correct order and align the ring end gaps based on the specifications. Take enough time and work calmly and concentrated so that no mistakes happen. When inserting it into the cylinder, you need to use some oil. A lack of lubrication can lead to premature wear, complicates assembly and makes the system susceptible to a broken piston ring. "back

piston cylinder installation e1614841009233 engine overhaul: these mistakes should be avoided!

Error: no clean and organized workplace

Tools: Chaos can quickly develop while working on your car. Tools, spare parts, consumables, everything is mixed up and you spend more time searching than actually working.

Given the large number of materials and tools that are required for an engine overhaul (Keys, ratchets, power tools, compressors, drifters, pliers, etc.) it is a sensible thing to fundamentally define your workspace clean and organized to keep. Set up a separate place for each tool and always put it back. Use your own for the nuts and bolts of individual components Storage containers and label You this. This saves a lot of time and you always know where the part you are looking for is. You'd be surprised how many mechanics don't have this simple but useful habit. Also, this way you make sure that small tools and parts are not lost or, in the worst case, lost in the engine or engine compartment during the overhaul.

Workshop trolley or tool case e1614841091306 Engine overhaul: These mistakes should be avoided!

Rolling Workshop trolley or tool case are perfect for this job. So you have everything you need in one mobile place. Any corded power tool that is no longer needed should be unplugged and returned to its storage location. At the same time, order reduces that risk of injury, because this way you cannot trip over cables, tools or other objects on the floor. "back

Tip: Our article "Equipment for tuning fans who like to make their own car".

Error: missing documentation during dismantling

Gone are the days when you tried day and night to reassemble everything and ended up with a single screw, nut, washer, seal, etc. Technical innovations, available Tutorial Videos, Articles and How-To's make life easier and give the experienced screwdriver helpful tips. The time that is available, however, has not become more, but rather fewer, because everyone has a lot on their minds. So why not make it a little easier for yourself?

Engine overhaul instructions documentation Engine overhaul: These mistakes should be avoided!

What is more, modern engines clearly small tolerances than older engines. This leaves you with an overhaul or conversion little to no leeway for mistakes. video recordings have proven to be very useful when you have projects that stretch over a long period of time. Not everyone rebuilds an engine every day and in the end can still remember where every screw, cable, seal, connector, etc. belongs.

In addition, the order of dismantling and assembly also plays an important role, especially with modern and compact engines, it doesn't let you change it. So take your smartphone or another camera, attach it to the places in the engine compartment where you are currently working and record a video. You can also have a helper film you in the parts of the dismantling that you consider important. "back

Error: take wrong measurements

The devil is in the details, this also applies to such a complex project as one Engine conversion or Engine overhaul. Should everything fit together and function smoothly at the end of the day exact measurements crucial. As soon as it comes to measurements, all work steps must be carried out with the utmost care and precision. First you need all the components gereinigt and on eventual Risse, defects or excessive wear This includes crankshafts, cylinders, annular gaps, bearing clearances, etc.

Different gauges and micrometers, combined with a lot of patience, lead to the goal. All measurements should be checked at least twice and made from more than one point or angle. Abnormal wear and tear can falsify the results in this regard.

Measure engine overhaul Engine overhaul: These mistakes should be avoided!

You may end up with insights into your engine that you didn't have before. This saves you time and money. As an example: For cylinders, a simple measurement can tell you whether you are drill out or deglass and have to insert new rings. The latter method is much cheaper. "back

Error: incorrect handling of liquids

Correct handling is also particularly important liquids. It is inevitable that liquids will leak or be spilled. The skill Engine oil, brake fluid, coolant or fuel be. No matter what the case, it is best to have such residues the same to catch and to cleanat the moment they occur.

Overhaul engine Refill oil e1614842158204 Overhaul engine: These mistakes should be avoided!

Forgetting an oil puddle can be dangerous and expensive. If it spreads, other tools or spare parts could be damaged and rendered unusable. It can also get very slippery, depending on the type of floor. As luck would have it, it happens when you least need it.

A minimum of discipline is important to protect your investment and not spend the day looking for individual parts. It makes sense to do it once after each day or construction phase clean up and put everything back in its place. So everything is ready for the next construction site and life becomes a lot easier. "back

Tip: This is how the oil change works und so the change of the coolant.

Error: use of old, worn fasteners and seals

Fastening elements such as cylinder head screws, main and connecting rod bearing screws can wear out over time and when tightened stretch. These should can not be can be reused but replaced with new parts. All types of seals should also be replaced without exception. Once a seal has been removed, it will never be properly sealed again.

Fasteners that are to be reused must be cleaned thoroughly. The threads must be clean so that the required torque can be applied properly. The cleaning of screws and threads goes best with Taps, drills and a wire brush.

engine gasket install remove e1614842208471 engine overhaul: These mistakes should be avoided!

Anyone who has ever done an engine conversion will tell you that the Documentation and Write it down or record, tape the individual dismantling steps is necessary. After all, when assembling, you also want to know where everything has its place and in which sequence assembly must take place.

Be ready to assemble geduldig. You have put all of the effort, time and money into overhauling the engine because you don't want it to go wrong with little things. Even if you get to a point where you just want to finish quickly, you should take the time to double-check all the steps. This way, no mistakes happen and all the effort was not in vain. "back

Error: Parts that are to be reused are not properly cleaned

Have you ever noticed a lot of small scratches while wiping your car that weren't there before? Surely that messed up the whole day and made you regret not having invested a little more time in cleaning beforehand. You could feel like this or something like that if you are involved in a time-consuming and costly engine conversion can not be pay attention to the details.

engine gasket install remove clean clean e1614842474755 Engine overhaul: These mistakes should be avoided!

Throwing together new ones clean Components with old, uncleaned, could damage the new components and in one premature wear and tear end up. This shortens the overall life of the engine and it happens exactly the opposite of what should happen with the engine overhaul: To have a solid and stable engine. In addition, cleaned parts that you want to reuse can be clearly identified easier to reinstall. Screws, for example, are much easier to screw in and tighten with the correct torque. In addition, after thorough cleaning, you will also see much easier signs of wear and tear or damage to the individual components.

Abnormal wear could and should indicate problems with other components of the engine not to be taken lightly. Consequential damage could happen and the engine overhaul would have been in vain. Some components, such as the cylinder head, are provided with small holes and bores through which fluid should flow for lubrication. It is necessary to clean them properly and make sure they are not clogged are. Otherwise, engine performance and service life could be impaired.

Some parts will be easy to clean, while others will require the use of tools or chemicals to get really clean. So make sure you have all the tools you need and know how to use them.

Tip: This is how you use a cold cleaner correctly.

A meaningful rule when cleaning is that the material to be cleaned always is harderwhen the material is cleaned with the. Only the dirt should be removed from the components and no material removed. Start with the least aggressive method and then work up if it does not yet produce the desired results.

clean engine cleaner engine overhaul: These mistakes should be avoided!

Pay special attention to all of the components to clean gentlyin order not to damage surfaces or even the entire part. In engine construction, there are tight tolerances, which is why cleaning with sandpaper could impair the required dimensional accuracy.

Another tip, should you have to deal with particularly stubborn dirt, is the affected components at 325 degrees to put in the oven. But not necessarily your household stove, there could be unpleasant smells and +250 degrees will be difficult for the stove anyway. The high temperature dries the remaining oil and makes cleaning easier. Take care when removing, the parts are hot! "back

Tip: do not be afraid of the costs in an engine workshop

For fear of high costs, many fear going to an engine workshop. However, you cannot do certain work yourself and you should not save on it. It can do more harm than good if the end result is severely compromised.

A professional workshop will soon be one Need for an engine conversion, because she can help with questions or problems that arise and take on work that you do not trust yourself to do or for which you do not have the right tools.

Workshop vehicle repair tuning build it yourself Engine overhaul: These mistakes should be avoided!

In addition, the Engine reconditioner help to get a more pragmatic view of things and to assess your needs and abilities in order to align them with the desired goal. Many projects lack the technical and financial possibilities to overhaul the engine block, cylinder head and crankshaft. Even the desired performance is often not possible without taking the engine out of its stability and permanently damaging it. You certainly have in mind what the engine should be used for, what power it should have in the end and what budget is available to you. With this information, a professional workshop can give you a good concept, to be successful in engine conversion.

Just don't make the mistake of not asking enough questions of the workshop. Even if you are not familiar with all technical terms and processes. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. Of course, it makes sense to have informed yourself beforehand and done a little research in order to ask the engine manufacturer the right questions. In any case, you should ask what engine conversions are usually carried out and whether the mechanic has any experience with your engine. Take a look at the workshop, which usually reveals a lot about whether or not they work organized and clean. Also ask how busy the workshop is at the moment so as not to accept unnecessarily long delays.

cb no thumbnail Engine overhaul: These mistakes should be avoided!

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An engine conversion is a very complex task, which is why the workshop should provide you with the necessary specialist knowledge. Make a list of the work to be carried out and what to look out for. And go through them step by step with the engine manufacturer. This allows him to point out points that you may have forgotten or should approach differently.

Finally, some good advice: Patience is your best friend. Do all the research and research you need, take your time to watch videos and read guidebooks like this carefully. Take your time documenting the dismantling, cleaning the components and assembling. Double-check all the steps to make sure nothing has been forgotten. Work in peace and not in a hurry. This will make your engine conversion a successful project that you can be proud of in the end. "back

Burnout instructions Kavalierstart Engine overhaul: These mistakes should be avoided!

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