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Tips for washing the engine - this is how the engine gets clean!

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When cleaning the engine compartment, in contrast to the exterior of the body, you have to proceed carefully. Otherwise it can become severe Damage to the engine or surrounding components come. But what do you have to pay special attention to? Lots of vehicle owners clean their vehicle regularly by Outside and Interior. However, they rarely dare to clean the outside of the engine. This is mainly due to the fact that an engine wash is not really good for every vehicle. If in doubt, the task should a professional be left. If the job is to be done by yourself, should extreme caution be necessary. If the vehicle regularly starts badly in damp weather and has various other electronic problems, then you should contact the DIY engine cleaning better anticipate.

When to do an engine wash?

Most vehicles come from the factory with one Corrosion Protection fitted. This means that an engine wash is actually not necessary. And since the bodies are usually closed from below, only a small amount of dirt can get into the engine compartment. Some manufacturers even advise against washing their models. When cleaning could electronic components in the engine compartment damaged become. If you still do an engine wash yourself, you can still use one Guarantee claim verlieren. Cleaning is only useful when the engine is through Oil heavily soiled has been. But even if an extensive one Off-road driving was made, in which the engine compartment got some dirt and mud.

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But also after one Marten damage the engine must be cleaned. So that other martens are not attracted, the scent mark of the animal must be removed. And if you want to sell your car and clean the engine beforehand, you can make a better impression on the buyer. But sometimes it is enough if Dust, dirt and leaves just to be removed. For this, a Hand broom, Vacuum cleaner or wetter cloth be used. But often it is just that Plastic cover, that looks really dirty. This then requires under no circumstances a complete engine wash. Such a cover can usually be quickly removed and taken with one water hose as well as a sponge getting cleaned. Finished!

Should I wash the engine myself?

Before you start cleaning the engine, you should first read the manufacturer information. They show whether it is even possible to wash the engine of the vehicle model. If so, cleaning should be very carefully be performed. And for the engine wash there is a suitable parking space needed. A parking space in front of the house or the home garage entrance is allowed Not used. Usually an engine wash is also carried out Self-service washing areas prohibited. Leaking oil could run into the groundwater during washing and contaminate it. For this reason, the engine cleaning is only at special washing areas allowed that with a oil separator are equipped. This can prevent environmental pollution.

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How is an engine wash carried out?

Engine cleaning is actually easy. Most of the time is caused by a possibly necessary Masking and Cover of sensitive components. But this is often absolutely necessary! Because this prevents the components not damaged become. That should definitely be masked off alternator, the fuse box and the ECUs, Also the Battery (if installed in the front of the engine compartment) should disconnected become. And on the use of one High pressure and steam cleaners should waived become. Too strong a jet can cause damage. And the moisture from the steam cleaner could penetrate the electronic components. When everything has been taped off, the engine wash can be started.

Engine washer Engine cleaning is free of charge 9 tips for washing the engine so the engine will be clean!

Specialists are available from specialist dealers for engine cleaning Cold cleaner (Tip: This is how cold cleaner is used correctly). You have to the cold engine be sprayed on. With some cleaners, however, it can happen that the factory Corrosion Protection damaged. Because of this, the right choice of the cleaner is important. A good cleaner is available for just a few euros. After the exposure time, the cold cleaner can be rinsed off with cold water. If the engine is well dried, it should be with a preservative to be cared for. This protects the engine from corrosion. At the same time, you prevent new pollution.

What happens if the engine was washed incorrectly?

By a faulty engine washing sensitive electronic components can be damaged. This is then expressed, for example, by defects electric windows, a broken central locking, defective radio or no longer working Safety systems such as ABS, ESP, ASR & Co. In the worst case the engine does not start at all. When using a pressure washer, mechanical components can also appear bend or even plastic parts break off. Even a direct water entry into the vehicle cabin can result. Other electronic devices such as Control units installed in the footwell take severe damage. And it can also be dangerous if the engine is switched on before washing has not cooled down sufficiently. If the hot engine block is cleaned with cold water, the metal parts could become damaged the verzieh or rip. If a vehicle engine is cleaned, although the manufacturer advises against it, you risk the guarantee if something breaks during cleaning.

Warning messages Instrument cluster Auto ABS ESP Airbag Tips for washing the engine This will keep the engine clean!

How expensive is professional cleaning?

When you get over no suitable washing area or if you don't feel comfortable cleaning the engine yourself, a professional should be employed. The specialist should always be called upon if the engine is damaged during cleaning should be avoided. For example, many professionals use a Dry ice method. Das frozen carbon dioxide is sprayed on the engine so that the dirt flakes off. In the absence of moisture, the electronics can not be damaged. Depending on the provider, an engine wash costs between 25 and 80 Euro be expected.

Should an engine be cleaned from the inside?

An engine wash is different from one Engine flushing, because there is only one external cleaning he follows. When the engine is flushed, the engine is cleaned from the inside. This cleaning should only be done on used vehicles with a high mileage carried out and is quite controversial. While some swear by it, others feel it won't do any good. The detergent is added at warm engine. The engine oil is used for cleaning Additive mixed in. The engine must then idle about 10 to 15 minutes to run. This allows the additive to spread well and Deposits are removed. In the end that will Oil removed and an Filter and oil change carried out. Such cleaning should, however, also be carried out by a specialist if possible. If you still want to try it on your own, you can read the following articles:

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